The Serpent of Genesis 3…. Part 2

In the first lesson of this study if you remember, I started towards the culmination or end of the study, and told you that we would work our way back to the beginning…let’s begin

We will be journeying back to the Garden of Eden… having a look at the so-called talking snake and the eating of apples….now what we have to ask ourselves is this… did a talking snake and the eating of apples cause the downfall of man, and bring death / destruction and a curse upon God’s creation, and the first two human beings that God ever created, namely Adam and Eve?

Let’s digress just a minute and talk about ‘awareness’…. Robert Plant the lead singer of the rock band Led Zeppelin once said….”Life is all about awareness”… I would add… God gave us a mind to explore and try to delve deeper into the mystery of being a human being. That includes the study and research of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being a human being.

I believe God would also have us study & enjoy His Universe… although I personally believe that He made us to dwell on the Earth… He gave us a wonderful solar system and universe to wonder about… study and explore.

Now… in Genesis 3 we have neither allegory, myth, legend nor fable, but literal historical facts set forth, and emphasized by the use of certain Figures of speech.

All the confusion of thought and conflicting exegesis have arisen from taking literally what is expressed by Figures, or from taking figuratively what is literal….

A Figure of speech is never used except for the purpose of calling attention to, identifying and intensifying THE REALITY OF THE LITERAL SENSE, and the truth of the historical facts; so that, while the words employed may not be so strictly true to the letter, they are all the more TRUE TO THE TRUTH CONVEYED BY THEM, and to the historical events connected with them.

But for the figurative language of verses 14 and 15 no one would have thought of referring the third chapter of Genesis to a snake: no more than he does when reading the third chapter from the end of Revelation (ch. 20 ) 2. Indeed the explanation added there that the ‘old serpent’ is the Devil and Satan, would immediately lead one to connect the word ‘old’ with the earlier and former mention of the serpent in Genesis 3: and the fact that it was Satan himself who tempted ‘the second man’, “the last Adam” would force the conclusion that no other than the personal Satan could have been the tempter of the ‘first man Adam.’

The Hebrew word rendered “serpent” in Genesis 3 is NACHASH ( from the root NACHASH–to shine) and means a shining one. Hence, in Chaldee it means BRASS OR COPPER, because of its shining…Hence also, the word NEHUSHTAN, a piece of brass 2 Kings 18: 4… In the same way SARAPH in Isaiah 6:2, 6 means a BURNING ONE and, because the Serpent’s mentioned in Numbers 21 we’re burning, in the poison of their bite, they were called SERAPHIM or SERAPHS….OK…. to be continued soon Lesson Three…

So let’s pause for a minute… as you can see the detail and complexity of looking at the original Hebrew language is quite astounding… what a daunting task the translation and transliteration must have been from Hebrew to Greek… Greek to English… I guess they did the best they could… however a question comes to mind…

We know today that Satan has infiltrated our churches… our pulpits, & the preaching of the pure Word of the Gospel… so looking back through history we have to wonder how much demonic influence was at play during translations, transliterations, and the like… and that is not to say that God was or is not capable of protecting his Word… but we have the influence and effect of humanity to consider… visit me at my blog……Sincerely Frank Payton..

So I want to pose the question at the end of lesson 2 today.. have we been intentionally or unintentionally misled about the most important event in human history that occurred in the Garden of Eden involving Satan and the downfall of man?… food for thought.

Thank you to the great E. W. Bullinger… and the best Bible that I’ve ever studied with… and Appendix 19…

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