The Serpent Of Genesis 3…Part 4…

There is more about “the king of Tyre” in Ezekiel 28 11 through 19 than was literally true of the “prince of Tyre” verses 1 through 10… The words can be understood only of the mightiest and most exalted supernatural being that God ever created; and this for the purpose of showing how great would be his fall, HISTORY must be true to make the prophecy of any weight…

Again, the word rendered “subtle” in Genesis 3:1… means WISE… in a good sense as well as in a bad sense… In Ezekiel 28:12 we have the good sense…”Thou (Satan) sealest up the sum, full of wisdom”; and the bad sense in verse 17…” thou hast corrupted thy wisdom”…( referring of course to his fall)…So the word “subtle” is rendered “prudent”… in Proverbs 1:4 ; 8. 12….12.23 ; 14.8; and in a bad sense job 15… 1 Samuel 23.22… and Psalm 83. 3

The word “beast” also in Genesis 3:1 CHAY… denotes a living being… and it is as wrong to translate ZOA “beasts” in Revelation 4 as it is to translate CHAY in Genesis 3… both mean living creature… Satan is spoken of as being “more wise than any other living creature… which Jehovah Elohim has made.”

Even if the word “beast” be retained… it does not say that either a serpent or Satan was a “beast”… but only that he was more wise than any other living being…. we cannot conceive Eve as holding converse with a snake, we can understand her being fascinated by one apparently an “angel of light” (ie: glorious angel) possessing superior and supernatural knowledge….

My Comments: Friends… I hope you are starting to see what I would call the ‘evidence’ here… the Word of God has to be studied very deeply, and in the original languages, as I’ve said before…. so much has been Lost in Translation and Transliteration as I will emphasize again… lesson 5 coming soon… visit me at my… signing off for now….Frank… hats off and I salute the great E.W. Bullinger… reference appendix 19 in the Companion Study Bible… comments and interjections by me…

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