The Serpent Of Genesis 3…Part 5…

Let’s continue our study in the Garden of Eden, a story supposedly about apples and snakes… let’s look at what quite possibly happened… it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that potential big ‘mistakes’ ie: ( translation, transliteration, & linguistic language inadequacies have been made either intentionally or unintentionally… one thing I know for sure is that there is / & has been a major struggle between Good and Evil… God and the Devil, and we need to remember this as we study in Hebrew & Greek, and what probably is missing from the translations / transliterations of the original languages to English.

When Satan is spoken of as a “serpent”, it is the figure Hypocatastasis or Implication; it no more means a snake than when Dan is so-called in Genesis 29:17; or an animal when Nero is called a “lion” (2 Timothy 4:17) or when Herod is called a “fox” (Luke 13:32) or when Judah is called “a lion’s whelp” It is the same figure when “doctrine” is called “leaven” (Matthew 16:6) It shows that something much more real and truer to truth is intended. If a figure of speech is thus employed, it is for the purpose of expressing the truth more impressively; and is intended to be a figure of something much more real than the letter of the word.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying this study… God has given me a heart to go deeper into the word of God… someone once said that looking at the Hebrew and Greek and other languages of Scripture is like “putting a magnifying glass to them”… I think this is so true… after learning some details about the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve eating an apple, and then sharing it with Adam (and all this from a talking snake) I began to search for answers and I think I have found them… I in no way intend to sound dogmatic, or that I have all the answers, because I think that some things are to remain a mystery on ‘This Side of Heaven’… yet I’m not quite sure that this issue (apples & snakes) is one of them…

Please visit me at my blog……. and once again thank you to the great E.W. Bullinger… whom I believe to be a treasure of Revelation Knowledge through his deep exegesis of the Word of God… and I have taken it upon myself to present his material to you… because I think in this day and age a lot of people just don’t want to take the time….Frank…. comments interjections and thoughts by me…

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