Please join me for a fascinating study in Genesis about the posterity of Cain and Abel.

It is important to note that the posterity of Cain comes in the first Toldoth, viz., that of ” the generations of the heavens and the earth” ; and not in ” the book of the generations of Adam.”

The posterity of Seth commences with ” the generations of Adam”: showing that the two accounts are distinct and deal with two different subjects.

The generations of the heavens and the earth (chap 2–4, 4.26)

Gen 2. 4-25… Before the Fall…Gen 3. 1-34 The Fall….Gen 4 1-26 After The Fall.

The expansion of “ After the Fall“…..(4.1-26)

1-16…Adams sons: Cain & Abel..17-24 Cain’s son Enoch….25- Adam’s son Seth…26. Seth’s son Enos.

There were 130 years before Seth was born and substituted for Abel in the line of the promised seed. In these 130 years after Cain, Adam must have begotten “sons and daughters” as in the 800 years after Seth. If Abel died in A. M. 125, and Abel and Cain had children before that year, even supposing they had no descendants till they reached the age of 65, Adam could have had a 130 children.

And if each of these could have had a child at 65 years of age, one in each successive year, there would have been 1,219 in A.M. 130. If we suppose Adams earlier sons and daughters to have had children at the age of 21 instead of it 65, there would have been over half a million in the 130 years, without reckoning the old or the young, and this is at a very moderate rate of increase.

It is generally assumed that Adam and Eve had no children beyond those named. But, as in the line of Seth, it is clear from Genesis 5. 4 that they had, we may well conclude, that the same was the case in the line of Cain. It is a gratuitous assumption that Abel had no posterity.

It is manifest that the history assumes a considerable population; and the fact that there is no attempt to explain it, proves its genuineness, and shows that we are left to explain it for ourselves in the only natural way by which it can be explained.

My Comments: I believe that this Revelation study answers a lot of questions, though some may remain…ie; when Cain was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, where did he go, and who were these wives that he took on?……. to look at this study for its intended purpose…. which is to suggest two seed lines… please refer to my blog……. and look at the 9 studies titled… The Serpent of Genesis 3… this study about the Posterity of Cain is closely related to the study of the Serpent of Genesis 3… I think the implications are obvious.. Eve quite possibly had a double pregnancy involving Satan as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and followed by Adams seed…. please show me evidence of ‘apples and snakes’… could it quite possibly be that ‘the traditions of men’ have had a deceitful effect on what really happened in the Garden of Eden?…. study and decide for yourself… it would certainly provide at least a partial answer for all of the evil taking place in our fallen world…Sincerely Frank Payton…. please reference the great E. W. Bullinger and his Revelation study found in his Companion Bible…. it is absolutely necessary to go to appendix 20 in the Companion Bible to understand details I was not able to convey in the earlier references to “ Before the fall” & “After the Fall.” & The Posterity of Cain..

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