The Door Into Our Human Hearts…

It’s Past Time, For Big Time… Prayer Time…

Here is what the Holy Spirit of God is speaking into my heart today…( really has been speaking to my heart for quite some time actually)

In my spirit….” I see Jesus standing there, gazing at the masses of the earth… a sea of people…US….YOU AND ME… all of us collectively…”He seems to be trying to get our attention by clearing his throat, over and over… but we aren’t listening… we don’t understand that He wants our attention”…MOST OF US DON’T WANT TO GIVE JESUS 10 MINUTES…LET ALONE OUR FULL ATTENTION!

I hear coming from the commanding but gentle voice of Jesus… “As your God… I am so concerned about the hatred that is rampant amongst you… but I want you to know that I understand…why you are in the condition you are in… as I believe you also do…if you’s only look deeply into your own hearts… you will see the darkness that needs to be overcome… that needs to be cut out… your hearts of stone need to be replaced with hearts of flesh that are full of My Spirit… there is no other way for you to overcome yourselves and your adversary…THE DEVIL, THAT OLD SERPENT…

In MODERN STREET LANGUAGE coming from God… I hear….” Stop blaming your fellow man… stop blaming everyone but yourself… and stop the finger pointing, I hate the finger pointing… you did not learn this practice from me… yes I am powerful but I am also of meek and of tender spirit… I tend to embrace and love.. if you will only let me.. if you will only open to me… Let Me Shine My Holy Light into your dark hearts.. it’s the only way you can be fixed”.


“I want you to gaze upon My Crucifixion Cross… a tree if you will… my battered, beaten, abused, spit upon face and bloodied, pierced body… through My Life, Death, and Resurrection, I have provided the answers that you need… I have given you back what was lost In The Fall of Mankind… and that is the peace that comes through eternal life… and getting back to My original plan for the human race…

“I want to remind you that I have been building a home for you… after all I am a Carpenter… and it is true that in my Father’s enormous house are many dwellings, and I have one just for you… I know what’s in your heart and what will make you eternally happy… only trust Me…. I want you to remember how temporary your life ‘In the Flesh’ really is, compared to Eternity, please don’t miss what I have for you…and don’t miss Me… I want to give you The Abundant Life… I want to calm your heart down and give you peace… and nothing or no one will be able to separate you from me….NOTHING OR NO ONE”..

Further thoughts… I thank God for Illuminating my mind a little bit this morning… but I would ask everyone to look upon the history of how God has dealt with mankind especially through the Nation of Israel… I believe ( per God’s Word)…. that the People/ Nations that bless and stand with Israel will be blessed by God… the United States is a perfect example of this… but ‘as way has led on two way’ with our wonderful country we have fallen away from God… we have tremendous National sin… for example around 60 million babies aborted since Roe versus Wade in 1973… that is just one example of our National sin… then we come to each of us… our Personal sins… my personal opinion is that we need to be prostrate before the Lord, face down pleading for mercy… (not curtseying in front of Him as if introducing ourselves and looking for His approval) & pleading for God to stay His Hand… to intervene in the situation with this Coronavirus… so don’t be offended but it’s quite possible that God has allowed this to happen… and please don’t misquote me or misunderstand me… I didn’t say God made it happen… I said…He allowed it to happen… remember how God works… Judgement… followed by repentance of the people, followed by healing & restoration… but the heart of it is all about REPENTANCE… if we as a people cannot see our National and Personal Sin, there is really no help or hope for us…. return to God and seek His Revival… remember God works through all things and this current affliction is no exception.

Pray for our president as he is doing a wonderful job…. pray for our Senate and Congress as they are not doing such a wonderful job… play for all government… Stateswide… all the way down to the local governments… pray for revival… visit me at my blog…….

Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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