An in-depth study of the Stars and their prediction of…ONE TO COME…

In the first mention of the heavenly bodies, the purpose of the Creator is clearly stated. Genesis 1:14 19 reveals the fact that they were created, not only “to divide the day from the night, and to give light upon the earth” but, they were set, ” for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.” The figure ‘polysyndeton‘(see appendix 6 Companion Bible) emphasizes these four purposes, and bids us single them out and consider them separately and independently.

They are “for SIGNS” Hebrew ‘oth’, from ‘athah’ to come. Those who understand them are enlightened by them. Those who do not may will be “dismayed“(Jer. 10. 2)

The stars are numbered and named. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac called “stars” in Genesis 37:9 ( 11 of which bowed down to Joseph’s, the twelth). The word Zodiac means the degrees or steps which mark the stages of the sun’s path through the heavens, corresponding with the 12 months

Comments: This is going to be an intense detailed study, but if we want to find the truth, it is necessary, as everything has been corrupted by the ‘traditions of men’ including the Zodiac…. please stay with me through this extensive study and you will be blessed…. Acknowledgement to the great E.W. Bullinger and his great work The Companion Bible (Appendix 12)… as usual comments by me and interjections when needed… please visit me at my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog…. here’s an interesting reason to pursue this study… you will see the foretelling of the coming of Jesus Christ in the stars…. the story is there, it just needs accurate interpretation through the precious help of the Holy Spirit… Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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