Waking Up…

Shouldn’t we rejoice at the dawn of each new day?… can’t we stand and glory in each ray of sunshine?… can’t we cool down in a sweet summer rain?… can’t we warm up by a glowing winter fire?… can we see the beauty of a bird on a wire?… Can’t we live with our souls on fire?

Can’t we see God’s spirit swaying in the trees… can’t we humble ourselves, and get down on our knees… Can’t man thank God for the beauty of a woman… can’t we thank her for taking our seed?

Can’t we stop the devil’s hand… remove him from his high command?… God allows Satan for a season…The perfection of man could be a reason…

Can’t we choose the spirit of life and cringe at death… you know that Abel was replaced by Seth… can’t we be happy with the simplest of things… not much happiness in Rings and Things…

I like walking a Mountain Road… stepping onto my porch and seeing a toad… why does man want to carry such a heavy load? Solomon was right everything is vanity… see you can’t fulfil flesh.. so it leads to insanity.


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