So… the question is what do the stars prophesy?… What knowledge do they show forth?… What glory do they tell of?…

The answer is Gen– 3.15… The one great central truth of all prophecy–THE COMING OF THE ONE, WHO, though he should suffer, would in the end crush the head of the old serpent, the Devil.

But, where are we to open this book? Where are we to break into the circle of the Zodiacal signs?

Through the “precession of the Equinoxes” the sun gradually shifts its position a little each year, till about every 2000 years it begins the new year in a different sign. This was foreseen; and it was also foreseen that succeeding generations would not know when and where the sun began its course, and where the teaching of this Heavenly Book commenced, and where we were to open its first page. Hence the “Sphinx” was invented as a memorial. It had the head of a woman and the body and tail of a lion, to tell us that this Book, written in the Heavens, began with the sign “Virgo”, and will end with the sign “Leo”. The word “sphinx” is from the Greek SPHINGO , TO JOIN: because it binds together the two ends of the circle of the heavens.

The number of the signs is 12, the number of governmental perfection or “rule”. They are divided into three books of four chapters (or signs) each: 12 being the product of 3×4 , i. e. of Divine truth working in the heavens and in the Earth

Each book, therefore consists of four signs; and these are all arranged by structure, in exactly the same way. Each is an introversion. Thus we have the three books.

I will show the first book… and next lesson we will go through all of them… to wet your appetite here is the first book.

VIRGO… The prophecy of the promised seed…LIBRA…(my sign) The Redeemer’s work (grace) SCORPIO…The Redeemer’s conflict.. SAGITTARIUS… the prophecy fulfilled.[On a personal note, since I am presenting this, buy some calendars I am a cusp of Libra and Scorpio… and I’ve had the controversy and peculiarity in my life, I believe, partly because of  this…. hope you are enjoying this study, visit me at my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog… also hats off to the great E. W. Bullinger… and his most excellent work found in the Companion Bible…Sincerely Frank Payton.

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