Strange Thoughts…Part 1…

Does the sun rise?… is the sky blue?… is up still up?… none are actually true in the way we think they are true… the sun has never risen and it never will… however the earth does turn giving us the illusion that the sun is rising… although it seems to remain still… but it is actually moving also… astronauts claim the sky has no color… & up is not up… we should remember the earth is round, up on the North Pole, is not up at the South Pole, in fact if everyone on the earth pointed to where we thought ‘up’ was, we would all point in different directions… North Pole South Pole and the equator.

Turns out there’s not so many absolutes… so then what can we be sure of?… are there absolute unchanging truths?… that’s all for now however you can visit my blog at…… Sincerely, Frank Payton…

Is that her tongue or is she blowing a bubble?

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