The Tomb Is Empty… An Easter Message…

Through the unfortunate circumstances and the environment we are currently being asked to live in; (for the sake of health and safety?)… are we being ’emptied’…. so that we can be ‘filled’ with the love and blessings of God?… first comes chastisement & / or judgement… then comes repentance, hopefully followed by Revival and Healing… is this the course we are on?… I would say…we should hope it is… rather than facing the full wrath of God at this point.

Through the hatred tactics and agenda, mostly from the leaders of the Democratic Party, and partly because of other members of mainly Congress…(and some from both parties in the Senate also)… are we symbolically being forced into a corner, so that we can see the blessings that we’ve truly had throughout our past, and are truly at risk of being lost?

I will only mention One National Sin (and surely not everyone is guilty)… that is our sin of Abortion since 1973… it has turned at least half of our country into a culture that totally disrespects life, and accept death as some kind of privilege or right… how about acknowledging that life is a privilege and a gift… death is not part of God’s plan… in fact he has given us a way out of it… on this Blessed Easter Sunday.

Just like the story when Jesus turned water into wine…. they couldn’t put new wine into old skins,they would burst…. also when changing the oil in your car, you can’t just pour in the new oil without first removing the old…. so I think you get my point…. perhaps we should take this time to examine ourselves…& empty ourselves, so that we can be filled with the love and blessings of God… I truly believe that if we don’t empty ourselves, we will remain with the old, and not be able to receive the new… Happy Easter to everyone…. visit me at my blog…… Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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