Entering The Heavenly Dimension….

Studies and insights with the great Jonathan Cahn…& his ‘Book Of Mysteries’….

The teacher and student were in a Chamber of Vessels…. looking at a large reproduction of the Temple veil…. which was marked the entrance to the holy of holies.

” What do you see,” the teacher asked, “on the veil?”….”The cheribim.”.. replied the student…. “A two-dimensional representation ( image) of the cherubim was embroidered on the veil… with height and width but with a missing dimension–depth…

The ‘reality’ represented by the image has, of course, more than two dimensions. But on a veil, one is limited to representing three dimensional realities on a two-dimensional plane, now let’s go beyond the veil.”…

So we passed through the veil and into a reproduction of the holy of holies.”Now what do you see?”…” “The Ark of the Covenant,” I replied…”And what do you see on the top of the Ark of the Covenant?”…”Figures… of the cherubim… in gold.”…”And how many dimensions do they have?”…”Three.”

” So from the outside of the veil, one sees the cherubim in two dimensions.But from inside the veil, one sees them now in three dimensions. So as we passed through the veil, another dimension was added. And where are you when you pass through the veil?”….”In the holy of holies.”

Which represents the dwelling place of God, the heavenlies, and the secret place, the place you dwell in prayer and worship before God’s presence. Outside of that place you see the cherubim in two dimensions, but inside, you find another dimension…. There are realities,” said the teacher, “that you can never know until you go beyond the veil, and dwell in the presence of God, realities waiting in the depth of God’s presence, the depth of faith, and the depth of prayer and worship.

Compared to that which lies in the presence of God, everything you’ve known in the world is like a two-dimensional drawing on a piece of parchment, and all your ideas of God are like two dimensional images embroidered on a veil. Make it your aim to go beyond the veil, into the secret place of the holy of holies and dwelling of His presence… beyond the woven images of cherubim and into the reality of the Most High.”

The Mission:… Enter this day beyond the veil, into the deep and deeper and deeper of His presence, to dwell in the dimension of the heavenlies...Psalm 100… Hebrews 9: 3-5…… 10: 19- 20…. 2 Corinthians 12: 1-4

Further Comments: As I’m writing this, the spirit of God is welling up inside me, massaging my heart, illuminating my mind, as to the ‘Wonders of God’…. through most of my life, especially after my acceptance of the Lord… I always had this peculiar ‘feeling’ of sadness for the human race… I think that this sad feeling, revolved around my belief that people in general, just could not see the the special gift, that just being alive is, ( I wanted everyone including myself to have a super heightened awareness… and now I know that’s why I began to write poetry at a very young age… striving to heighten mine and other people’s awareness) God having given us the Breath of Life, without which we are just elements…. dirt…. and so I’ve always felt kind of sorry for humanity as a whole ( and myself ) for failing God… and not living up to His expectations… I’ve often just felt really guilty of breaking His heart…. but have grown in the wisdom of His grace and long-suffering, and realize that he sees me as the end product of what he has made me to be ( in Him).. so viewing myself as a pilgrim and thanking God for letting me live on his earth, I keep stepping forward… visit me at my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog.. Sincerely, Frank Payton.

Things are not what they seem… I long for the next dimension.

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