Breaking News!

To those that understand what’s going on in the world, this will not be breaking news, this will not be a big revelation…. in fact to those that know the “ One True God” and have accepted Him, this will be pretty ho-hum…

The breaking news is this… there are only two religions in the world….ONE IS THE RELIGION OF HUMAN EFFORT AND ACHIEVEMENT…. the second one is THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE DIVINE PROVISION/PROVIDENCE OF GOD.. (namely, the life, death, and resurrection of Christ)… so it doesn’t matter which religion you choose other than Christianity, it’s always about human achievement, and earning your way into heaven, which is totally unacceptable to God… and if you use the brain & heart that God has given you, and you thought about it, if you could earn your way into heaven by doing more good than bad, then Christ would not have had to suffer the horrible death that He did on the cross.

We must all learn that we live in a very troubling world… in fact one expression that I use reluctantly… is that we are spinning on a ‘death planet’… and please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not God’s fault… it’s the fault of Satan and the willingness of man to believe the lie… that we all can be gods…

If the truth were to be known…. (and this will be disappointing and unacceptable to a large amount of people… but it doesn’t change the truth)…All religions other than Christianity are based on human achievement… in short doing more good than bad will land you in heaven… but this is not God’s standard…”All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

For some reason, human beings have trouble accepting a free gift… I believe it’s because the world has conditioned us that we must earn everything… well that’s pretty much true, but not concerning where you & I will spend eternity… we either trust God’s Word or we don’t… don’t be fooled, there are eternal consequences…. all for now, visit me at my blog…… Sincerely, Frank Payton

Don’t believe the lies that human achievement will get you to heaven…

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