The Synonymous Names For “LIFE”…

There are three principal words translated “LIFE.” Their shades of meaning are to be distinguished as follows:–#1– ZOE – life in all its manifestations; from the life of God down to the lowest vegetable. It is life in activity, and thus especially is the opposite of death. It involves resurrection life and eternal life; and hence, as such, is the gift of God. ( Romans 6:23– 1 John 5:12) For the same reason its verb ZOA is frequently used of, and put for, resurrection life ( Matthew 9:18 Mark 16:11).

#2– BIOS- life, as lived, manner of life; life as led, (compare ZOE , being life as one experiences it) to BIOS, as others see it. This is used therefore, only of mankind, who not only live but lead lives. Hence the difference between ZO – ology and BIO – graphy. Zoe is life in its principal; Bios is life in its manifestations (Luke 8:14). Bios is also put for livelihood or that which supports animal life.(Luke 8:43)… it occurs 11 other times… beginning with Mark 12:44 Luke 8:43 … and many other scriptures.

#3– PSUCHE- the breadth of animal life, one of the manifestations of ZOE, common to all living animals. In one passage Isaiah 10:18, the Hebrew NEPHESH (GR. PSUCHE) is applied to vegetable life. It is used of the living individual as such. There are other various renderings….

Finally… I used, or referenced John 10:10 as a lead into the above study…” The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly….

Further Comments: I believe there is some very deep meaning in John 10:10… where Jesus says “I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly…. what do I mean?…. well I thought we already had life?.. and we did and do…. the question is what manner and what quality of life do we have?…thus the three different principal meanings of the word life… I believe that Jesus is saying He came to give us life itself, and that it is the full & ‘Abundant Life’…. including eternal life…. visit me at my blog…… Sincerely, Frank Payton…. again thanks to the great E.W. Bullinger.. and His Companion Bible.

Ancient Galilee.

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