I want to talk about something, that has been weighing on my mind quite often… weighing on my mind & spirit more and more… I don’t think it’s so much about fear, as it is my desire for a fuller understanding about the Shadow Government… & these Looney Democrats that seem to be 100% against the United States, and in favor of the globalists agendas, and their willingness to sacrifice the country and seemingly all American citizens..

So I want to ask everyone, what do you believe we are supposed to do? what do you believe our role is as American citizens?…we as

believers of National Identities concerning countries..(this seems to line up with the Word of God,

Borders and National identities, that is.) Not to say that we shouldn’t help others when we can, and when it’s appropriate.

I don’t think we are to go along with socialism and communism, I think we are to fight it… make our stands for the truth…. trust God that He is in the fight with us… we have one major thing going for us, God promises that those that help and bless Israel, he will help and bless… Biblical prophecy concerning America has always been a little bit fuzzy… though some things are known I won’t get into right now.. just food for thought… visit my blog at……Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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