A shofar sounded…” The sign and sound of the Jubilee,”… the year of restoration… “It was the year in which the land would return to its original owners,”…” So if your family had lost its ancestral land, they would return home.”Two thousand years ago, the Jewish people lost their homeland and their Holy City, Israel and Jerusalem, their ancestral possessions. But it was prophesied that they would return. In other words, it would be a prophetic Jubilee, a restoration to their ancestral possession. So could the Jubilee hold the key to the mystery of that restoration?”

He placed the shofar in my hands. “In 1917, in the midst of the First World War, the British Empire issued the Balfour Declaration, to give the land of Israel to the Jewish people. So the land would be restored to its original owners. But still missing was the restoration of the Holy City, Jerusalem. The Jubilee comes every 50 years. If we count to the 50th year from the first restoration, it brings us to 1967. It was in 1967 that the Holy City, Jerusalem was restored to the Jewish people, to its original owners… the Jubilee. And in the same moment that Israel was restored to its ancient city, the sign of the Jubilee was manifested– the rabbi who accompanied the soldiers to the Temple Mount sounded the shofar. And do you know what the Temple Mount was when Israel first obtained it 3000 years before? A threshing floor– in Hebrew a ‘goren’. And the man who sounded the shofar there in the day of restoration was named ‘Goren’…Rabbi Goren. And do you know when he was born? In 1917, the year of the first restoration, the first Jubilee. So he who sounded the shofar of Israel’s Jubilee, the 50th year, was himself, 50 years old, the living sign of the Jubilee. It had all happened in the exact place at the exact time. You see, God is the God of restoration. And to those who are His, He will restore all things… all that was lost will be found again… in their Jerusalem… and then their appointed time of Jubilee.

The Mission: If you belong to Messiah, you have the power of Jubilee, the power to restore the lost and the broken. Today, live, speak, and use that power.

Leviticus 25: 10 and 11.. Joel 2: 25 and 27…Zechariah 8: 7 through 8… Luke 4: 18 and 19…Acts 1:6

Well friends, I recommend that you read this three times, and understand how God’s Word is true and does not sway to the right or left… so as we are disturbed and troubled by the circumstances and deception of our world, as it currently is, we have to realize that God is in total control, and that every ‘jot and tittle’ of God’s Word will come true… so I believe we should use this period of grace (as we approach the end of this age and the coming tribulation, culminating in the second coming of Jesus Christ) to prepare ourselves and try to reveal to others what God has revealed to us… thank you to Jonathan Cahn… if you want to study the Jubilean Mysteries in far greater detail, please purchase Jonathan’s book…THE ORACLE: THE JUBILEAN MYSTERIES UNVEILED… your life will never be the same…. for further reading on my part, please visit my blog…… this post is also linked to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram…. Sincerely, Frank Payton…. A final comment… why do you think the radical Muslim is so enraged and so anti-Semitic?…because they have bought the lies of Satan, Lock Stock & Barrel, and believe that they have a right to a land… which they absolutely don’t… God has a covenant with his people the Jews… and sometimes it seems that the whole world is jealous of this…

Frank…blowing the shofar in his backyard… virtually on the Appalachian Trail, Virginia…. the shofar was used for many things, one of them being, driving off evil spirits.

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