Join me in a study with the great E.W.Bullinger…. appendix number 8… The Companion Bible…. elaboration provided by me…Frank Payton.

The Cosmogony of Genesis is in flat contradiction to that of the so-called “Creation Tablets,” preserved in an epic poem in honour of Mirodach, the patron god of Babylon. If Genesis looks back to creation, it is to put on record the profound contrast between them, and to give, instead of the corruption of primitive truth, which had been handed down by tradition, the Divine account by Him Who created all things, by the hand and pen of Moses.

The word “without form” (Heb, TOHU) is used of a subsequent event which, we know not how long after the Creation befell the primitive creation of Genesis 1:1.. It occurs in Genesis 1:2. DEUT 32,10. 1 Samuel 12:21 (twice) Job 6:18; 12:24 26, 7 Psalm 107 40 Isaiah 24:10… and others…

Let’s have a look at something…. I believe it is critical to understanding the first two verses of Genesis…vs.1…. In the beginning God created the

heaven and the earth…( refer to 2nd Peter 3 verses 5 and 6)… where you’ll find… THE WORLD THAT THEN WAS… Creation in eternity past, to which all Fossils and “Remains” belong…(this helps explain a lot)… so to put it plainly before we arrive in the Garden of Eden, there has been a first earth age, where you read about the rebellion in Revelation 12… (please look at this closely and ask for God’s guidance and discernment.)…

Let’s proceed…vs 2 “AND”…(POLYSYNDETON) the earth “Was” = ‘Became’.

.. see Genesis 2:7 Genesis 4:3 Genesis 9:18 Genesis 19:26…Ex 32,1…& others…. so I believe what is being said here is that in verse 1, God created the heavens and the earth….( in between verse 1 and 2 of Genesis where the earth ‘became’ without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep… we have to pause and ask a question…” Does God make anything without form, and void, and darkness being upon it?… or is there a potential logical explanation based on this and other scriptures?… how about this; in between verses 1 and 2 there was the battle in heaven of Revelation 12… which sent Satan to the earth with his fallen angels…. the earth after this great battle was ‘without form’ which = WASTE… (HEB Tohu va Bohu… not ‘created’ Tohu… but ‘became’ Tohu.. Isaiah 45 18…

Are you with me friends?… better yet are you with God and what his word seems to say…. this is a deep exegesis done by one of the greatest

scholars ever of God’s word, Mister E. W. Bullinger… and I consider it a privilege to add what I believe God has shown me… and let’s clarify… study for yourself, make decisions for yourself, nobody has cornered the market on God…. ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit…. ask Him to help you discern truth from the traditions of men when applicable.

So Genesis 1 vs 2-31 according to the 2nd Peter chapter three verses 7 …THE HEAVENS AND EARTH WHICH ARE “NOW”… where you read about the six days of creation… also it should be mentioned at this point 2nd Peter 3 talks about all three earth ages including the one after this one, which is the Millenium, the thousand year reign of Christ.

The Hebrew ‘bohu’, rendered “void” means ‘desolate’… and occurs in Genesis 1:2 Isaiah 34:11 Jeremiah 4:23 the two words together occur in Genesis 1 and 2 Isaiah 34:11 Jeremiah 4:23…

Concluding: the Tablets begin with chaos…. the Bible with perfection, Genesis 1:1… the Tablets make the heavenly bodies to be gods, Genesis makes them created matter…. the tablets are all polytheistic mythology, Genesis is monotheistic truth. The tablets make all the work, of a craftsman… In Genesis, God speaks, and it is done… in the tablets we meet everywhere with the puerilities of a grotesque superstition. In Genesis we find the grand and solemn realities of righteousness and holiness.

In summary to simplify… (the above exegesis was necessary to provide a sound foundation)…. in Genesis 1 we have the creation in between verses 1 and 2, there was a battle in heaven the earth…the earth became desolate because of the fierceness of the battle… Satan was kicked out of heaven and was put on earth….we don’t know how much time passed between verses 1 and 2 in Genesis 1…. but we do know that the second Earth age… began at approximately 4003 B.C…..( the second Earth age, the world that is now) including what happened in the Garden of Eden), and then somewhere within possibly a thousand years God started dealing with Moses and the nation of Israel…. visit me at my blog…… Sincerely, Frank Payton

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