What has ‘happened” to us?

Better yet…. what is ‘happening’ to us…. and happening (again)… of course I’m referring to mans inhumanity to man through the ages of history…. and I’m referring to the current world we are living in… the awful struggle between Good and Evil, that we are in the midst of… and history teaches that it’s not only a modern, but an ancient battle, that it’s not only a physical but a spiritual battle… as humans we have in the past and we are currently… not fighting necessarily against flesh and blood, but against wickedness, against evil powers that are in high places, including government, including the media, (including the agendas of rich & evil people that think they can buy the world) and most of all including a Satanic Empire…. the same satanic power that manifested itself in Pol Pot, in Stalin, Hitler, and others, is again among us and stronger than ever, because we are nearing the end, we are on the verge of a One World Government that will lead to major destruction, and usher in the Antichrist, only to be saved by the second coming of Jesus Christ… that is if you are a believer…. if you are not a believer, I have no idea what your hope might be in… (I sincerely hope that it’s not in the inherent good you believe resides in people… because look around you it doesn’t exist) if you can’t see the writing on the wall, I truly feel sorry for you… to think that we could cause more horror… than was committed in the acts of WW1 & World War II…. gas chambers… shots to the backs of heads… mass graves…burnings…atomic bombs…. unfortunately we will do worse in the coming tribulation because there’s a spiritual evil that existed and still exists…. & can only be dealt with by God… was trying to take a nap maybe now I can…. visit me at my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton… if you don’t think that this is possible…. but somehow the human race will overcome itself and overcome evil I would remind you and have you read Revelation 12… Satan is here Satan is real and he wants to kill me and he wants to kill you… anyway and through anyone that he possibly can…

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