Remembering the Kavanaugh hearings… the bias, the prejudice, the hatred, simply because he was right wing, and a nominee chosen by Donald Trump… not to mention the symbolic public assassination of a would-be Supreme Court Justice…. then fast forwarding to the situation with Joe Biden and his sexual assault that supposedly occurred in 1993….then look at the media ‘not asking one single question’, not confronting Joe about the accusations… seemingly giving Joe a total pass…. if that doesn’t show the corruptness of the democratic party I don’t know what does.. so we might be asking ourselves why is this double standard so blatant?… I think this is a more than reasonable answer….WHAT IF… the Clintons and others…. have a secret society of sorts ‘a death squad if you will’… that in ‘mob style’ threaten would be whistleblowers… who if left un- threatened, would expose the trafficking, the murder, the whatever…taking place in the government and Washington DC, especially by the Democratic Party…. so think about it if you had the dirt on somebody… say a high profile Democrat, be they in whatever position… and were threatening to expose them…WHAT IF…. some bad players showed up at your house or wherever & threatened you and your family with death unless you kept your mouth shut…. What would YOU DO?… maybe even with the threat of death, they threw some large amount of money at you for your silence…WHAT WOULD YOU DO?… check out my blog…littleraventhe poet.blog… Sincerely, Frank Payton.

Remember Bill Clinton and his meeting with Lynch on the tarmac… pictured above.. Jerry Nadler.. Big Time Deep Stater..

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