Why do I want to run away?… when I know that I should linger, stay and pray…

I look around at this life, and I start to call…. look ahead don’t you see the waterfall?… we’re moving swiftly towards the end of the river, just up around the bend..

AND THEN IT DAWNS ON ME… as I’m off in a trance and can plainly see… some are climbing a ladder to eternal glory… some are remaining for the end times story…

Politicians on the right, politicians to the left… I’ve had enough of them both, as they are both inept….AND THEN IT DAWNS ON ME… they are merely human… and never approach the deep things of life…

So must I go over the waterfall… or can I find an answer to overcome it all?

In my third eye I’m driving along the mountain road in a car… a man appears up ahead in the night, waving his arms… I can only read his lips, but he seems to shout… you must stop now, the bridge is out!..

AND THEN IT DAWNS ON ME… a bird has been preaching forever from a tree… the problem with humanity is we just can’t see, or hear… only the things that comfort us… are seducing us into thinking we’re safe… when we are definitely not..

So are God and Satan staring at a chess board?… do they stand up in victory when a soul has been scored?…AND THEN IT DAWNS ON ME in the design of God, free will is given.. the choice is ours to die, or be forever living…. visit me at my blog……Sincerely…Frank Payton

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