Be Known For Who You Really Are…

In The Power of the Holy Spirit, I Pray oh Lord!… come quickly O Lord!…

It’s time to rise and shine! It’s time to awaken all ye that are embodied, encapsulated, found in this Flesh Blood and Bone existence… time to rise to the call of what’s in your bone marrow… rise to the glory that God has put inside of you!

It’s time to rise to a confidence that you can be ‘fully known’… that there are answers to the questions of why “you are even here”…. why you have been given your five senses, why you have been given the freedom of choice, and why you were made a little lower than the angels… you can come to love the value of life as given to others and to yourself…it’s time for clarity as to why God created you… it’s time to rise and be aware of the unique relationship that God wants to have with you…

It’s also time to become keenly aware that we are part of an epic adventure…. a span of time that covers thousands of years and is grander than any Harry Potter movie… and to realize that you and I and every person that has ever lived, is living, and will live, has a part in the play…. and to realize that the end-game is ‘eternal’ joy ‘being with the Lord’ or “eternal’ separation being without Him (as you were made in His image), and He is an internal spirit… even though you die physically, you will live forever.

It’s also time to acknowledge “who your creator is”… and accept the fact that you are ‘created’…. and that your life is a genuine gift from God… and that there are two main sides or natures / attributes of God…. yes He is love…. but if you find yourself out of His plan and design for your life, and you rebel and reject Him….. and choose evil and the spirit of death, instead of the spirit of life…. He can be a consuming fire to you…. a judgemental fire.

It’s time to gain your earthly identity…. you may very well be on the side of God, or you may find yourself against God… and in the end you will choose your destiny, whether you follow ‘the spirit of life’ which is from God or ‘the spirit of death’ which is from Satan…

God knew each of us before we even existed in this bodily form… and understanding how God sees you (successful, happy healthy… eternally minded…sets you free to accomplish the wonderful things God has in store for you, things and ‘abundance of life’ beyond imagination…. and yes He promises that life is eternal…. and that there will be no more ‘loss’ of life… perhaps we will pursue this further… visit me at my blog…… Sincerely, Frank Payton

Final note: Each one of us is a masterpiece from God… a unique one-of-a-kind beautiful work of art… unfortunately we find ourselves in a damaged condition living in a fallen world because of the lies of Satan and mistakes that we made in the past… ‘and wisdom if you will receive it’ is that we are either in Christ, which is life or in Satan, which is death and condemnation…. and please don’t be discouraged, each of us is ‘worth something’ to God… you don’t have to prove your worth to God…

Each one of us want to run our path… seek God and he will appear on your path…

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