My Heart Will Stop… My Eyes Will Close

One of these days my heart will stop… on the ground my body will flop… my spirit will float up, or my spirit will drift down… I will hear the most heavenly or the devilish of sounds… loved ones will draw close or demons will cheer… hello old boy.. glad you are here!

One soon coming day eternity will begin... will I dwell in mansions of glory… or forever melt in my sin?

Will Christ’s righteousness capture me on Chariots of Fire… or will the ancient serpent wrestle me to the mirky mire?

Will I ever walk the streets of gold… or will I burn in hell.. my story untold?… will I find the still waters, of which I’ve heard.. or be shot down like a common bird?

One thing is for sure, one day my eyes will close… no more touching with my hands, or smelling with my nose.. no more hearing with ears or singing of songs.. in heaven or hell I will find where I belong.

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