Never Say Final Post… but this is probably my final post that will go to Twitter from WordPress…WHY?

So having been on Twitter for two and a half years…. original main intent was to build a following or a base to release a book…. about which I have more than enough material for probably five or six books, but I haven’t been able to work out the format ( transfer from blog to book has many difficulties) but hopefully I will… eventually.

So after two and a half years I have I reached 4260 followers… really cared about it at first… tried to play by the rules… but the rules keep changing, and I don’t like being pushed around by the likes of Jack and the whole Twitter platform… So I’ll shorten this up… by saying my biggest problem is, that freedom of speech is a dying commodity in this country… people in power and those wanting power cannot stand to hear two sides of a story, for fear that they will lose their power…. I will not be part of it anymore… there are other ways to skin a cat.

I fully understand good and evil is taking place in this world and the fight for power and dominance, the fight to own and rule the masses is a loose demon manifesting in the spiritual and physical realm… most everything we touch as human beings turns to crap… why is that?… I think we all know so I won’t elaborate on it…

Let Freedom Ring…. but it will have to ring somewhere else because it doesn’t on Twitter…Twitter and Jack are losers… because they don’t understand the basic human need for free speech… their greed is their God… the Pelosi’s, the Schumer’s, the Schiffs… are the lowest form of life form, but yet the likes of Jack & ‘Twatter’ support them wholeheartedly and without question because of agendas…..Bye bye… who needs ya?

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