Bringing Us To Our Knees….

Okay I’ve about had it… what has God done in the past and what must He do in the present with a stiff-necked people like alot of us here in the United States?…… I mean really such foolishness… Nancy Pelosi and Governor Cuomo quoting from the Bible…. reading scriptures and then making comments totally out of context about the scriptures… like they have any idea what God’s Word is about… a lot of it related to Donald Trump holding up a Bible in front of St John’s Church…. if Barack Obama had done it they would call him Gandhi… if Barack Obama took a crap on the main entrance to the St. John Church.. the left would herald him as a saint…. yes I’ve about had it…. but what do we do?… we persevere until the end…. and desire to hear from God our creator….” Well done, good and faithful servant.”….

What does God do with stiff necked people?.. He brings them to their knees… because usually there is no other way…there is no easy way with a stiff-necked people such as us… history is full of accounts of how God deals with rebellious people… and as painful as the whole thing can be, it’s for our own good, because we are all like sheep & have gone astray and follow undesirable causes right over the cliff into the rocks below… wake up folks and rejoice if God gives us a chance at revival, repentance, healing, restoration…. these are the only things that will save us…Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog……

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