Burn It To The Ground…

Antifa… The Democratic Party and The Media… want to burn this country to the ground…. defund the police forces across America… are you out of your ever-loving minds? those of you that think this is a good idea… good idea for who? the Progressive Socialist Communist Party… the Jihadists?….

Let me ask some of you imbeciles… have you ever been outside the United States? other than Europe and a few other places, there’s not much to offer comparatively to the United States…

I have come to the conclusion that the media is one of the main proponents for the destruction of America… the downfall of Donald Trump, and the promotion of a total degeneration of the United States… what’s the next Crisis the left will spring upon us?…. for example… ‘no more than 10 for a social gathering’….. ‘protesters and rioters no more than 100’….What?… they must think we are complete morons… quote from Joe Biden… “15 to 20% of American people are bad people”……Hey Joe…. that’s some 60 million people… I think you just had your ‘deplorable’ Hillary Clinton moment… I just told my wife and son who have dual citizenship in the U.S. & Japan… if Joe Biden becomes president we might as well move to Japan, because America ‘less the intervention of God’ is finished…. I’m not quite ready to die in a bloodbath in the streets of America… for a good cause yes.. I would die… for somebody’s BS, I will not…Sincerely, Frank Payton… visit my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog…

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