Critical Questions?

Looking at all the things that have taken place over the last three and a half, going on four years… I have some critical questions and observations…. someone please explain to me how after 8 years of Barack Obama, him and his MAN wife completely defiling the White House, defiling everything that is American, basically spitting in our faces, and then riding off into the sunset, still collecting American tax dollars, and still operating a Shadow Government… someone please help me understand why 50% or so of our country would vote for someone like Joe Biden?[if you vote for Pedo Joe… go home and dig your own grave)… are we dumb as sheep?… are we mentally incapacitated… are a lot of us completely spiritually dead?…. not understanding or misunderstanding… or just plain old not being aware of world history, of church history, of human history, that has led up to 2020?…. someone help me out here!… then we have the Godsend of Donald Trump…. who chose to sacrifice his wealthy life… choosing to fight basically the whole world, that wants to pull him down, and doing it all for free…

Donald is basically blamed for everything that goes wrong in this world…. yet he doesn’t complain he keeps on fighting… fighting half of the Republican party and all of the Democratic Party… fighting the New World Order, the Kabbalah… these crazy-ass jihadist, five (at least) of which are in our Congress… and the infiltration and the ongoing attack of the Communists… and what moron with half a brain would want to defund the police force, unless they had an ulterior motive for complete chaos and Civil War in the streets?…. some of us had better wake up, the hour is late, the day is spent… do some of you out there have any respect at all for the United States?…. someone please tell me where can you go and have it better?…. all for now too pissed off to continue…. visit my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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