Why Am I Here?

Dear Lord I don’t really feel like writing this… I’m 65 years old… I’m tired… I’m at that stage of life where health problems seem to keep coming…. life in the body sure is grand in our youth… not so much in our old age… I’m stressed out as the world has just gone through (still dealing with) a pandemic called Coronavirus…. on the heels of that, the world seems to be bent on total destruction through civil war and political division and the resultant chaos… in the United States we have all kinds of deep spiritual problems, identity problems, race problems, in particular the recent death of George Floyd, who was killed by a white police officer, while three other officers stood by and watched the whole thing… seems the whole tragedy has rekindled the ongoing ever increasing racial division in our world… I’m laying here in my bed trying to rest this evening, and all this stuff is going through my head… you know my heart Lord… how I feel about life being a gift.. there are so many beautiful things about this life… the sheer wonder of it all… the beauty of this water planet… this rock spinning through space, the uniqueness of your universe… yet sometimes I feel like I’m living on a death planet… people are so mean, and full of hatred, so desperate… either not aware of you, or not caring about you…some totally disrespectful of you, so Lord why am I here? why are any of us here? you have watched billions of people live and die, and you knew each one before they were ever born, and knew every one of their days before they lived them, yet you waited patiently and watched the whole thing, the whole drama of each life unfold, seems you have been watching a play, a tragic play, & because you are God and Holy and we are not, you keep your distance from us, and I understand why you do….we are fallen, we have fallen short of your glory, and yet you have provided a way out of this mess, through your son Jesus… one conclusion I’ve come to is this….. I guess this life is a test… this primitive form of life… by that I mean Flesh Blood and Bones that you originally made out of dirt; would not be much of anything without your precious Breath of Life in us… I say that because compared to the Angelic life… the human life seems primitive (less glorious but necessary I guess)… even far less glorious than the resurrection body that you have planned for us after we die….the only other thing I can think of Lord is that although you’re an all powerful God, you desire company, it seems you are making a family, a family of people that believe in you… as they wouldn’t be much of a family if they didn’t believe in you…. so maybe that’s what this life is all about… maybe that’s why I’m here… to be part of your family…it’s a beautiful thought as a matter of fact….it will take something as wonderful as that to keep me going…that and my love for my earthly family, and the hope of eternity with them and You.. so this is the best that I can do right now, for the question and answer to “Why am I here?”….Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog

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