A Voice In The Wilderness…

My clothing is not made of camels hair with a leather belt around my waist, my food is much more than locusts and wild honey…. however I am a modern-day voice in the wilderness…(not by choice necessarily)…but a voice on this slowly rotating, revolving, death planet… I don’t really want to talk about judgement… preach about choosing God or Satan, Heaven or Hell… but I am called to…. I don’t want to say to anyone “REPENT” or you will spend eternity without God and in hell… but God says this is our situation, not me… I’m just a voice in the wilderness… someone ‘has to’ scream this message… someone ‘needs to’ scream this message… I want to live my life for “right now” like anyone else… but I am consumed and concerned about eternal consequences and destinations for human souls… I have been given a gift that I didn’t ask for, but am thankful for… seems often times we don’t choose God, but God chooses us… and understand this, I am nothing special, God has been working with the imperfections of man since the beginning… and I am certainly farthest from perfection… however I am available to him… I am consumed by the reasons we have been given this short life… this Blood and Bone ‘flash in the pan’ existence of a life… you see we are all but ‘blades of grass’ that appear for a day… the sun rises and we wilt and disappear… I have learned what’s important in life, at least to me…. and the great thing about living in the United States is that we have a choice to decide what’s important…. for me it’s all about the small things… it’s not about exploiting anything or anyone… it’s about observing, feeling, and absorbing… it’s really all about awareness… things like a smile on my wife’s face, my son saying…”Dada, I love you.”… my being able to teach my son about Good and Evil in the world, and seeing him desiring to be good…or things as simple but miraculous as, lying on the bed with one of my dogs in unconditional love… funny thing about dogs…. no wonder they are called ‘mans best friend’… turns out they are as close to the unconditional love of God as you will probably get in this life time…. if you should be blessed enough to experience it through a human being you are truly blessed… I live in the mountains, my backyard is a paradise for squirrels, chipmunks, birds of all types, even blackbear.. I would much rather spend most of my time in communion with all of these creatures… you see as I spy them, I see the creative hand of God… the intelligent design of God… each creature with its pecial movements… its own unique vocal sounds… this is what I’d rather do… then again, I am called to look at the spiritual condition of the people and the world… I realize that I’ve got miles to go before I sleep… I’m just a voice in the wilderness…thanks Marie…. to both you and Terry… Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog…

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