I’m caught up in a bit of a Daydream thinking about all of what I’m going to present.

We have to be aware of the ongoing battle not only for this country, but the battle taking place across much of the globe… Anarchy and Division are everywhere… the spirit of lawlessness is so extreme, that it seems every man and woman has become a law unto his or her self… in the United States our leaders in the Congress and the Senate, down to the local government… do not want to represent the people in a fair way… the radicals demand their way be accepted by all or they will start takeovers, riots, looting, and burning, removal of statues and the like…

Here’s the problem and challenge that I would like to present… I want to focus on the role of Christians… Christians are one of the most persecuted people in the world… why is that we must ask?… because Satan and his world system that he wants to bring about… is being challenged by Christians and Donald Trump… Donald Trump and most Christians are for an American National Identity…. defending our borders and the like… whereas the Demonic left wants one big giant free for all… they want to do away with the Constitution, eliminate the middle class, raise taxes, and control every thought that we have…so here is my main concern and question.

We know that God’s Word is true, we believe that God’s word is true, and if we are knowledgeable, we know that the ‘One World System’ IS going to come about… exactly what the United States role would be, is kind of murky right now… but Satan will assume power, he will deceive the masses, will defile the temple in Israel, will make a pact with Israel and break it at three and a half year point, he will bring about devastating wars.. these things and more are prophesied to be coming whether we are ready or not… I want to ask each of you as I have asked myself, what am I to do? am I to fight to the death for my beliefs?…. where does my concern for my family come into play, how far am I willing to go? how far are you willing to go?… how do we help our children understand what is taking place?…. it is hard enough for the adults… I know the stock answer is going to be to TRUST GOD…AND I DO… but at the same time I’m having a hard time trusting the federal, state, and local governments with anything… I’m having trouble coming to grips with the fact that I might have to send my son back to a dangerous public school this fall… we need to be in prayer for this country for a total revival…. the answers to the race problems and a lot of problems we are having is found in the depths of the human heart, only God can change the heart…Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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