Humanities Depraved Nature…

We need answers in our troubled world…. ask anyone, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu or other, and all agree ” There is something wrong in the world.

A couple of truths… human beings are not inherently ‘GOOD’…. some can’t take over a precinct in Seattle or anywhere else for that matter… and claim that this is now run by the ‘people’, and everything is going to be wonderful from now on…. it just isn’t true, because wherever you have people, you have our fallen nature… our depraved nature… human beings are bent towards evil… you don’t have to dive too deep into history to find this out…Hitler once said… “If you don’t want to fight, or are not strong enough to fight, you don’t deserve to live.” (Paraphrase)

James Madison said…”If men were angels we wouldn’t need government.”…. people must forget the misconception and lie that human beings are inherently good, this is simply a bad starting point and presupposition…. of course this speaks to the cry of the Antifa & others to defund the police across America…. without government without policing, there is chaos, it’s plain and simple… what’s going on in Seattle is not an answer, it’s a cancer.

When will humanity wake up to the sad condition of the human heart?…. the depraved nature of the human heart?…. maybe people on the right should start carrying around signs such as…’NO JESUS…NO PEACE’…OR ‘KNOW JESUS KNOW PEACE’…also where is the leadership of the Church in America?…. I believe the Church abandoned society over a hndred years ago… what we have now being preached from the pulpit is barely recognizable as the Word of God… get involved, make commitments, make changes, or we are finished…. Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog……

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