Who is entitled to justice?… in America, is it only those with a selfish, self serving agenda?… or should justice be guaranteed for everyone, regardless of your education, regardless of your pay scale, political affiliation, regardless of the color of your skin, etc?

I understand people crying for justice to be served concerning George Floyd… I also understand why a lot of people in America have no faith in our government, from the Federal all the way down to the local level, to provide justice….

Look at how our representatives act in Congress and the Senate… they are supposed to be setting an example for the rest of the United States & the world… more importantly they’re supposed to be representing the people that put them in office and all Americans…

Some Americans are so frustrated, they think they are justified in violent protesting, looting, stealing, burning, & the total destruction of property…. they want justice but they want to act unjustly.

Look at the example of Hillary Clinton… where is the justice of her multitude of emails that are missing?…. where is the justice for her part in the Benghazi debacle?..

Where is justice concerning Barack Obama?…. justice about his even being qualified to be president, based on where he was born…. where is the justice about the truth concerning his wife, who apparently has a penis… where is the justice concerning the truth of his supposed two children?… where is the justice concerning his total sell out of America and being a total traitor…. where is the justice concerning Michael Flynn?

Where’s the justice concerning Donald Trump?…. him and his family have been harassed since Melania and him went down the escalator… going on four years of total lies from the FBI, DOJ…etc.. where’s the justice concerning what Adam Schiff pulled in Congress, with the likes of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, witnesses like Peter Strozk and Lisa Page… how many others?…Clapper…Comey…on and on

Where’s the justice for Sean Kavanaugh?…. yes he made it to the Supreme Court, but he had to go through hell to get there, him & his family… because of devilish, selfish, jealous, people… who want to demand what they view as there right to killing babies non-stop… & showing no respect for what others might believe.

.. Where’s the justice for Jesus Christ?…. look at the creator of the world, what He went through… and never once opened His mouth crying for justice… what the human race did to Jesus was the most unjust act ever committed in my opinion…

Finally… Where’s justice concerning the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?… who have spent a lifetime in public service and have become filthy rich, and have caused nothing but destruction and confusion… someone show me where the justice is…. I guess it can’t be found in this lifetime… in this age… where Satan is the prince of the power of the air… Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog……

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