I don’t know which Beast is worse, the Beast that’s being reported on… or the Beast that’s doing the reporting…..ABC…NBC…CBS…CNN..MSNBC…NYT’s……….FOX…. even Fox is taking on attributes of the Beast… these seemingly bloodthirsty news Beasts… poised on top of lily pads in a giant pond…. waiting to spring and start the endless symphony of croaking about the new controversy, the latest crisis upon us… a white cop kills a black man, that’s worth three croaks….a black man kills a white man, that’s two croaks… a black man kills another black man, that’s zero croaks… the beasts are silent… (none of the Beasts report on this) and the Beast on the street called ‘racism’ grows another horn… and the media Beast has another ALERT…”The Wendys in Atlanta is burning full force now (RIOTERS in the streets just off 85/95 due to the killing of R. Brooks) the fire department does not feel safe in coming to put out the flames (the highway has been blocked by protestors & rioters)… and what is even more troubling is, the Wendys is really close to a gas station… looks like it’s going to be a long night”… coming up next on Fox… “Governor Cuomo talks about the latest new cases of coronavirus in New York”… “later we have the Minneapolis police chief of police talking about the latest efforts to defund his police force… right back after this break..”

Let’s skip the News friends… how about a cup of tea?…. Pelosi, Schumer and the media….too much for me…. seems that these beasts and others can’t stand the fact that were free…

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