How Could I Have Known?

Looking back at my childhood, it seems my memories began around 4 or 5 years old… the remembrance is very simple… I was standing on the side of our home at the time, ( in Northern Va…close to D.C.) I think it must have been a spring or summertime day… and I remember very clearly the way I felt… it was as if I suddenly realized that I was ‘alive and aware’… and although the feeling faded from that moment, way begin to lead on to way…

Seems I was very good in sports beginning around the age of 9 or 10…. then came Little League and Babe Ruth ages 13 to 15… by that time I was in high school…. playing baseball and football mainly… and then got involved with a young girl and was so in love with her that my interest in sports waned….

She became pregnant while in high school… she was about 17… I was 18 or thereabouts…to us, a wonderful little girl born in 1973 but that is another story…. this recounting is just to build a basic base line of my life… now let’s get to the matter at hand…. I don’t have any recollection or reference, or points in time, where my parents, grandparents, or anyone in my neighborhood went to church, or made reference to God… maybe it was that way for a lot of people at that time, I’m not sure…. the only remembrance I have, is my grandmother on my mother’s side, sometimes reading her Bible, at the dining room table of their apartment in Falls Church Virginia…. but there was little discussion or sharing at that time….

Flash forward to early adulthood… I began working in the electronics field, defense-related stuff… continued in this field, Electronic Warfare and Ship Systems until 1993 or so… I worked on equipment for Desert Storm and the security of the president of the United States… that also is another story, too involved to tell here… back to the heart of the matter… while working for an electronics company in Vienna Virginia… I had my first experience with Christianity and Christians… to make a long story short, an elderly woman there named Irene was praying for me, and constantly inviting me to come to her church… I remember thinking that I was okay, and she kind of got on my nerves… being fed up, I said yes to her, that I would come to one of the revival services at her church in the spring of 1981… how could I have known God was waiting for me there? the Word was preached I heard the Word, and accepted Christ as my savior… the next two or three years were wonderful, and I learned that I had a gift of evangelism and witnessing that was very powerful… back to the point I wish to make…. how could I know that from this point on, I was going to be fulfilling what God had originally planned for my life?… and I’ve learned to look at it realizing, that based on my choices and free will… God was going to glorify himself through me…( warts and all, God was going to use me…imagine that)…. but ‘how could I have known’…. I was going to be thrust ‘Into The Greatest Story Ever Told’… the struggle between Good and Evil… God and the devil… the battle for the souls of men and women… Eternal Destinies & the like… spiritual battles that would take place in my life 10 times stronger than anything in a Harry Potter movie….

I won’t fully know, till I get to the other side, the effect that my witness about Christ has had on other people, but I’ve had a lot of great experiences, and feel very positive about it, that is the effect that I’ve had on other people’s lives… and I fully understand that it’s not me necessarily, but God working through me… so how could I have known, or how can any of us know what is really going on in our lives sometimes, and what God is accomplishing through us, even though we seem to be unaware a lot of the times?… that’s all for now…Sincerely, Frank Payton…. visit my blog at…

Way leads on to way…

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