All Of A Sudden I Woke Up…Updated

All of a sudden I woke up and I was still 23″ said Cam…. this is a very strange and unusual story ( but let’s go back to the beginning)… the story was kept from the public for 1 year….until now… see,the mother and father wanted to protect their son… in hopes that one day he would be able to return to his life (with minimum complications and embarrassment) they had to buy a lot of people off, to keep them from talking or selling the story, as their son had been slipped a hit of LSD at a party, it was suppossed to be a prank…(but it went incredibly wrong, and to make matters worse, the family of the young men who pulled the prank were close friends)… it was tough to get the son (Cam) the required care, as he was in and out of a coma / dream like state…yet never became conscious until recently, but fortunately Cams family was rich, and had a lot of information hidden & sealed…. and the secret remained a secret, but to a few who swore to silence…. until the one that had the experience (Cam) woke up… came forth and decided to tell the whole story…

Over the next month after waking up…Cam…short for ‘Cameron‘… went on to tell and recount the story about 42 years of life that had been lived ‘in his mind’…. the whole thing was a bad acid trip… Cameron recalled being great in sports… remembered playing Little League and Babe Ruth baseball, remembered playing Boys Club & High School football… remembered his girlfriends, & all of his friends names through the years… remembered one especially close and intelligent aspiring writer friend…named Coy (Frank)… & another ‘wild donkey of a man’, named Jason…. Cameron went on to say that they had been Meat Cutters and Seafood Experts at one of his fictional jobs…Cameron had also mentioned that Frank, Jason & himself…had worked for a Godfather type of man named Rusty… Cameron said that he really couldn’t believe how real it all had seemed… and felt a certain loss that these people he had known were not real…

Cam recalled his two wives and their children… where they lived…what their occupations were… why he separated and divorced from his first wife… when evaluated by specialists in a clinical study (one for the books as the doctors called it)… it was determined that Cameron’s recollections and memories of 42 years of ACID LIFE… were as accurate and detailed as a normal person who would have recalled 42 years of real life experience..

He even had details about his employment through this fictional acid induced 42 years… he worked at a Finnegan’s Car Wash right out of high school…. he worked for Honeywell Information Systems as an expeditor of computer components…. he mainly worked for Defense Companies… companies that included… Atlantic Research… in the Propulsion and Tempest divisions as a Quality Control Specialist, and an Electro Mechanical Inspector… also Unisys Defense Systems… and Litton Amecom… (one of his last jobs in electronics was for a company called Prototype Productions… where he mechanically assembled and inspected communication boxes / equipment for the then president of the United States George Bush)….both Military and Commercial potential customers would present ideas to the engineers and Prototype would try and make the equipment for them…. Cameron recalled the dates of his employment how much money he made, how long he stayed at each job, his friends and Associates names, and so forth… as life like and detailed stories of the whole 42 years, both professionally and personally convinced the doctors, that as far as Cameron was concerned, he had been living a life for 42 years, even though it was acid induced… the doctors found his recall totally amazing… and had it not been for the intensive physical therapy that took place during his ‘inactive’ year, he would have never lived to tell his story…. Cameron went on to tell his family, the doctors and all of his friends, that he felt like he was 65 years old…. yet he found himself to be 23, and accepted the challenge of starting over…having been given a wealth of experience through his 42 year dream (trip) life… and now a second chance…even youth… visit me at my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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