Seriously folks… it is no longer a ‘beautiful day in the neighborhood’…. I mean there might be a perfect Blue Sky, it might be 70 degrees….a nice cool breeze…. but I don’t see too many otherwise beautiful days in many neighborhoods…

I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you, how important ‘trust’ is between human beings…. who we have relationships with… where we shop for groceries, or clothes, who cuts our hair… etc etc.

You know we really have a problem with our government here in the United States…(and of course, I’m aware governmental problems are everywhere in the world), as the spirit of lawlessness weaves its web, desperate & pushing , insisting on us to bow to the One World Government, and the New World Order…. as the Antichrist waits in the wings…

So what am I really thinking about here bringing up the ‘trust’ issue?… someone please tell me, how can those of us on the right trust the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Clintons, and you know the rest of their names…oh! the Obamas…(what a joke they are)…

Here’s what I’m thinking about… I don’t have enough trust to go into most any city, and I live about 60 miles from Washington DC, used to be damn near in the heart of it, but those days are long again, couldn’t take it anymore…

This Democratic Party and a growing part of the Republican party, wants my vote, my tax dollars, my attention…etc… the media wants my soul or so it seems… their vehicle to try and get my soul is, to quash Christianity, eliminate my first and second amendment rights among other rights… pull everything down that is American….control and influence my life through my phone by the likes of Twitter, Facebook,YouTube,Google, and others….

Also…. I’m supposed to have the faith and confidence in our Public Schools / Safety officials to send my child to a public school… when the police and others in authority, have been stripped of the ability to do their jobs over feelings & political correctness….. while militant and radical voices are blasted all over the TV… American citizens are second-class to illegal immigrants and the scourge of our cities…ANTIFA…. while Mayors and Governors call situations like in Seattle “a Summer of Love”… while the streets are pregnant with the cries of/ for Civil War…. yet I’m supposed to trust these scoundrels, these smooth criminals…. well I’m telling you now, this ain’t going to work for me…. and I know there are those that feel Donald Trump is the problem…. well those of you that do, better wake up and smell the coffee, because it’s burning…if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, this country would already be Venezuela and worse…. so there you have it…. visit my blog……Soncerely, Frank Payton.

A young Frank Sinatra …doing it his way

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