The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…the answer is blowing in the wind…Bob Dylan… pretty smart guy this Bob Dylan… Jimi Hendrix covered one of the Bob Dylan’s songs….” All Along the Watchtower”… “There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief, there’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief, businessmen they drink my wine, come and dig my earth, none will level on the line… nobody of it is worth”…wow!… I don’t know about you, but I can really relate to this song…

It’s kind of peculiar that when we’re working, trying to make it in life… we are pretty much forced to always look forward… then once you retire having achieved some level of success…. I think we tend to look backwards at the past… it’s only natural.

All of us have our belief systems, and our worldviews, which mainly revolve around our belief systems… especially ones concerning God, the devil and eternity… whether we are given one life or many lives… whether this physical life is all there is, and then we perish and rot in the ground… or if death is but the beginning, a door to an eternity with a God that loves us, and gave His life for us… I know one thing for sure, one day we will find out…

I feel seasons of change, change within myself… I’m just not the same anymore…. things that I used to love to do, places I used to love to go, things that used to drive me, I still reflect on, but they don’t mean to me what they used to mean… yet I’m glad and thankful I had those experiences… those many people in my life.

See… I feel things in my spirit that my life is winding down… but I want to live and I want to enjoy my family, and the days that God has put on my calendar… but I feel soon this ‘age” of this ‘world’ will come to an end and usher in a new one…. I sit quietly and I can feel it coming…. have you ever been sitting and you hear something, and you’re not sure what it is… so you say Shhh in your soul & quiet yourself….you hear the sound getting louder and even closer, and then you realize, it’s a plane, a train, a helicopter, or an automobile, or the wind, or the rain, or whatever it is… perhaps the sound of a bird, or another animal… and then you relax in this sound that you’ve heard… that’s what it’s like for me and probably a lot of people…. okay, thought I’d share that with you… now maybe I can lay down and rest…. visit me at my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton

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