Will God fine-tune your looks in heaven?

Have you ever asked yourself, when I receive my resurrection body, will God remove all of my perceived imperfections in my appearance?

For instance… that little hawkbill hook in your nose, that always drove you crazy…. because you always thought that if your nose was straight, it would have been close to perfect…

Or… that…” Look at her, she has no neck, she looks like a toad… then comes the laughter and the remarks…”ribbit….ribbit”…… “hey girl can you jump like a frog.”

Perhaps you hated your smile… you could only get half of your mouth / lips to smile, the other half just kind of sat there… so when you smiled, it looked like you had this horrible smirk on your face.

Maybe you hated your eyebrows…as one was slightly higher than the other one, as they decorated your forehead… or maybe your eyebrow was one continuous strand ( like a caterpillar) across your forehead, with no break at the nose… it used to drive you crazy.

Or maybe… you had one arm that was longer than the other one… making you look lopsided and it threw your symmetry off… making one arm and hand, hang lower than the other one…

Or maybe it was your eyes… have you ever looked at someone eye to eye… and one eye is looking at you, and the other is like looking over your head at 45 degrees… and you’re not quite sure which eye to look at when you’re talkin with them?… everyone’s uncomfortable during the encounter… I had a friend like that in my childhood, and after 5 minutes of talking with him, I thought that if I talked with him much longer, I would get a horrible headache… because I was always looking at one eye and then the other, back and forth I went, kind of made me dizzy… and I never could recall what he was saying… one time I almost passed out…[smirk]

Or perhaps you had a pretty good sized mole on the end of your nose, with a hair growing out of the middle of it… and no matter how many times you pulled it….it would come back.. the doctor said it could be dangerous surgery, so you just lived with it…

Or maybe you had something a little more bizarre… I mean most people have hair on their butts and that’s considered normal… but you had a tuft of it growing out of your bunghole… you were always so ashamed to wear your bathing suit, because you had this big ball like appearance sticking out of your backside… and you just plain got sick and tired of cutting it…

This could be applied to men or women… maybe it was your voice… it was real squeaky and way too high, making you sound like Minnie Mouse or somebody that had inhaled helium… of course everyone was always making fun of you…

Well I guess that’s enough for now, perhaps I will continue this train of thought later in another post… visit me at my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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