Every Time I Think I’m Out….

Everytime I think I’m out, or just going to take a break for a while…. this nasty life we are living, hauls me back in…. and to be quite Frank with you, if I didn’t care about my family and about the human race in general, it would be easy to walk away… & be apathetic…. because other than God who can we really trust?

So as I went on my Appalachian Trail mountain walk this morning, and I found myself in prayer… here’s pretty much how it went…here we go

I found myself in extreme prayer for Donald Trump and his family, and all those that support our rights under the Constitution…. all of those Patriots and other Americans that don’t want to give this country over to the Communists,the Radical Muslim Jihadists, and the likes of the New World Order, that is caving in on theUnited States as I write this… I actually prayed that God would extend His Long Mighty arm, His more than capable arm, and deal with the likes of Nancy Pelosi,Chuck Schumer…others in the FBI, the Department of Justice, and wherever the Rats of Washington are located, and it is extensive and too many to mention, I’m sure you get my point….

So as I continued my walk, I thought of Dan Bongino, who I admire very much….Dan was in tears as he explained how something had happened at his house, involving his daughter and something to do with Facebook, he wouldn’t go into the details but you can imagine what it might be…( probably death threats but I’m not sure)…He caught my attention with this comment in particular…he said…” I wish it wasn’t true but this battle is coming to ‘your’ front door.”…. he said that he wished it wasn’t…. but it was a fair warning… and a realistic but unfortunate warning.

So having the active imagination that I do…I started thinking about talking with some people in the mountain about building some type of shelter up here in the woods…. and I must tell you I’m armed to protect my family, but I have never once considered taking such drastic measures as building a shelter, or something of that nature…. my head was immediately flooded with thoughts of….”Oh don’t bother, they will think you’re a conspiracy theorist… they’ll think you’re a radical… a true Nut Job…. and so on… then I pushed all those thoughts aside, thinking if it meant saving my family, it would be well worth it regardless of what anyone else might think or say…

So like Dan bongino said on his video post today….” we are being forced to choose sides.”….or ” we are going to have to choose a side.” paraphrased… I have reservations about sending my son to a public school… I’m not scared, but I have reservations about going out in public more than I need to. And exposing my family to God knows what… and then it dawned on me that that’s what the terrorists want me to think and feel…. so folks I don’t know about you, but important decisions have to be made,and I would advise all Christians, please, please, please, be in constant prayer for Donald Trump, his family and all those that want to hold on to our precious United States… visit my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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