I’ve noticed something about a lot of people who own dogs, cats, birds and other fantastic animals…. and what is it that I have observed you might ask?….Alot of us including myself talk to our pets like they are babies… that’s because we love them so much we consider them our babies…. the pets… mainly dogs, that I’ve had in my life, have given me so much more than I could ever have given them…. I think most people feel this way.

Mans best friend…..dogs….. I’m sure that a lot of people would include cats, birds, and whatever their preference is in animals….

I think the main thing especially with dogs is… that God did not leave us wanting for ‘unconditional love’ in some form during this Earthly Journey and Pilgrimage…. men and women are certainly blessed to have families, to have each other, and then to have the extra blessing of children, this is God’s way ( the culture today wants to destroy the family, because it is of God)…. but if for whatever the circumstances and reasons, some people do not attain these blessings, at least they have the animal kingdom, especially dogs…

I’ve seen street people in all kinds of horrible conditions…. a lot of them had dogs or other animals that were with them, and stayed with them through thick and thin….

I have a little story I often tell, that while God was in the creation stage, he had two black boards, and was working on ‘Man’ on one blackboard, and at the same time ‘Dogs’ on the other blackboard, side by side…. no insult to God, and for the sake of the story, God was distracted, and all of the virtues/ attributes that were supposed to go into man, went into the dog….ie: LOYALTY….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…ETC… people seem to get a kick out of it, and I can tell they are thinking about what I just told them…

Maybe I’m common and simple, or maybe I just understand that the ‘simple things of life’, especially in these complicated days that we live in, seem to bring me more joy than any thing else… seems like animals and children are true…. & concerning most everything else, the truth is a hard commodity to come by… that’s all for now… visit me at my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely Frank Payton….

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