The Seventh Door

I was standing in front of the 7th door. I was more apprehensive about opening that door than all the others that had preceded it. I was trying to imagine what was on the other side…and what revelation was now coming. I turned the key and opened it… I found myself in a room. It was night. There was a crib against the wall and a baby in the crib.

Why did that surprise you?…”Because it was my room.” ” The room of my first home, my first room, And the baby in the crib, it was me.” And the baby was crying. And then I saw the ram, a ram of pure white, standing close to the crib, and gazing at the baby.

Around the ram’s neck was a chain, from which hung a pendant of pure white. On the pendant was a symbol that matched the symbol on the 7th door. The ram turned its gaze towards me, then walked out the doorway, I followed it. Suddenly I was standing in a field on a warm summer day. I saw a little boy lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds it was me again now as a little boy.

” Do you remember ever doing that, lying there, and what you were thinking?” I do. I remember wondering if there was a heaven and what it was like. And then I saw the ram on the grass in the distance. It turned its gaze in my direction, then walked out the opening in the fence. I followed it. Suddenly I was standing in a playground on a cold, windy day. There was a boy by himself, leaning against the fence with his eyes closed.”And it was you?” “Yes, and I remember it.” ” I was praying to God at that moment asking him ‘Why’ Then I saw the ram walking through the playground, and heading to the gate in the fence. I followed it out. The ram was leading me through varied scenes and moments of my childhood, and then of my teenage years, and of my adulthood, and of my life. “What was the connection?” “What was it that connected all the scenes and moments together?” “ In every scene I was seeking or asking…or crying out, or questioning… or searching… or wondering, or longing…that was the thread running through all of them. I followed the ram through each scene and moment until I found myself back in the wilderness.” “In the vision?” “Yes, still in the vision, but as if it were reality, as if I were in the present moment. The ram was now in front of me, looking directly into my eyes…. then it turned away but didn’t move, I knew it was waiting.

It was waiting for me to get on its back… as I did it took me through the wilderness. And then the city on the mountain appeared in the distance. “JERUSALEM.” Yes it was just as in my other visions… we ascended the mountain, approached the city walls, and entered through its gate, but that’s where things took a different path.

As we moved through the streets, I felt a strange sensation, as if the road had been pulled away from under me. I looked down. We were flying. And the ram was now radiant, otherworldly, and winged. The streets receded beneath us and then it’s buildings as we kept sending higher and higher and higher and finally into a cloud.

It was when we emerged from the cloud that I saw it… a city of dazzling radiant light. I had never seen or imagined anything so majestic or beautiful. The ram took me through the gate, through the streets, and to a river of water unlike any water I had ever seen. I dismounted and just stood there taking it all in.

Everything was saturated in radiance and permeated with an overwhelming tangible presence of peace, love, and awe. I couldn’t describe what I was seeing or hearing or feeling except that I knew it was the presence of God and that I had never experienced anything like it.” It was then that I noticed some sort of being standing to my right. The light around me was so bright that I couldn’t tell anything beyond the fact that it was a being, that it was standing to my right, and that its brightness matched the intensity of the surroundings. And then it spoke in a voice that was something like that of a man. ‘Do you know where you are?’ he asked…..”No”…”You are in the place where the mystery ends… and begins….and always is.”… What does that mean? I asked… ‘It is here,’ ‘that each returns to his own possession.’….

So folks, I hope this wets your appetite to read Jonathan Cahns wonderful book, from which this is an excerpt…THE ORACLE: THE JUBILEAN MYSTERIES UNVEILED… this book will simply open up your heart and mind to an awareness that is just not possible before reading it… yes it’s true all of your life… everything you say and do is being recorded… but unlike this world system it won’t be used AGAINST you… that is if you are a believer… I would not venture to say what would happen if you are not a believer…. this is not a threat…for each of us must make our decisions about what this life truly means, and whether we will ultimately choose the side of good or evil…. I’m just a voice in the wilderness trying to be helpful to those that are searching…

I want to experience the beauty and the fullness of life that God promises through an eternity with Him…. don’t get caught up in what’s going on in the world right now, it’s just temporary, it is Satan’s last hoorah so to speak…. don’t worry about the Pelosi’s… the Schumer’s… the Schiffs, and their evil ilk…. each will go to a just reward…. that no man can or should give…that is the responsibility of God… and he promises to be fair… visit me at my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton….final comment…. could it be that God’s plan for our lives is so wonderful that we can’t begin in this lifetime to even approach understanding it?…. here’s some food for thought however…. look at God’s creative ability in the world that surrounds you…. from where your feet are standing to the end of the universe… and just behold his glory…” Eye has not seen…ear has not heard… what God has prepared for us, don’t miss it.

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