I’m really serious about this so here is a further introduction to help wet your appetite….THIS IS THAT IMPORTANT… your eyes will be truly opened if you read the whole book….

” What if there was a people,” he (The Oracle) said, “brought into existence as a sign, as a witness to the existence of God and a vessel to bring about his purposes? If such a people were to exist, what do you think would become of them?”

” I would think they would be different…they would stand out.” “What about the history of such a people?” “I would think it would be different from that of other peoples.” ” But why were they in my vision?” “If such a people were to exist,” said the Oracle, ” they already do, They were the people you saw in your vision on the plain in the desert… the nation of Israel, the Jewish people… a people who stand out as different, and whose history is unlike that of other people’s…. “And who was the old man in the red robe?” “Only once what was the entire nation of Israel in a desert as in your vision… in their days of journeying from Egypt to Israel…The old man in the Red robe would be Moses.” “And the scroll?” “That would be the scroll of Moses, the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.” “So Moses was reading from the book of Moses?” “He was reading from the scroll just as it had been read by the Jewish people in every age and land.” ” And what exactly was he reading?” “His last words,”said the Oracle, “the last words he would ever speak to the nation, the words he gave them at the end of their journey in the wilderness, just before he died.”.

The scroll ends with Moses’s last words…

Comments: OK friends this is introductory in nature as you can tell…. what I shared with you is only the beginning, the water runs deep in this book, and the Revelation also…. I hope you find the time to read it in its entirety, and read everything ever written by Jonathan Cahn… visit me at my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton… I’m going to wax a little philosophical… it is my true opinion that if you were meant to receive this Revelation, you will read this book, if not “Carry on sweet Charlotte.”

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