Hi, I’m Frankie the Earth Man … I’m an ‘earth man’ because I live on a planet called ‘Earth’… it’s one of eight other planets in what is called the ‘Solar System’. This earth is within a solar system that is part of the ‘Milky Way’ galaxy. There are galaxies uncountable in what is called the Universe. The smart people of the earth, called scientists, believe that the universe is about or at least 93 billion light-years in diameter… so as I will unpack for you, I live in a pretty extraordinary special place.

Now there are two main theories or belief systems, as to how the earth and the universe came into existence. One theory is called The Big Bang Theory … some giant Cosmic Blast that happened some billions of years ago, and is still going on, as the universe is ever-expanding. The second main theory is called the ‘Creationist Theory.’ The main tenets of this theory are, that there is an Intelligent Designer behind the universe and everything in it, and he is commonly called ‘God’. Now there are also many belief systems concerning God, as to Who, What, Where, and How He ‘is’ and exists, but we won’t get into that right now.

This will be the title of my book which will be the story of my life ‘experienced’… This is an introduction to FRANKIE THE EARTH MAN … the book itself will have approximately 1,200 entries with mostly my photography … that is if it is ‘one book … I will probably have to break it down into at least three to five books … or it might be viewed as overwhelming … it is … or will be, a three-pronged approach, engaging the reader with political satire … biblical and other religions comparative studies, belief systems … and 40+ years of my lyrics and verse … this book will be a reflection of my lifelong study into the subject of …WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE AS THEY DO … the content of the book is finished, ( less some editing & fine-tuning) and I’m working to prepare all for publication & submittal to certain places … and will quite possibly include new writings, as I write pretty much daily… more coming soon …

Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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