Frankie the Earth Man Part 2

So being an earth man and receiving the wonderful gift of life comes with its questions, challenges, and difficulties… the age old questions for humanity seem to never change… who am I?… where did I come from?… what is the meaning of my life? and where am I going?… Is there an eternal continuance of life after I die, and will it be either in heaven or hell, as supported by Christianity?… billions of people have lived before me and multitudes more will live after me… yet I must comment… it goes without saying actually, that every single person that has lived and will ever live, is very unique… I was born in 1954 and now (as of this post) living currently in June of 2020, that makes me 65, going on 66 years old… I live in the United States, one of the greatest countries that has ever existed on planet earth… looking back at history, I understand that Nations…Kings & Kingdoms rise and fall… age leads onto age…(2 Peter 3)…one of the books of the Bible…New Testament…

So I want to talk about the beauty, the mystery, and the challenge of being an earth man…see the Christians and what they call the Holy Bible, which is by far [the most widely read book on planet earth] tells the story of Adam and Eve, the first two created humans…it’s found in the first book of the Bible called ‘Genesis’ in chapter 3…. without recounting a story that everyone should know, I will say this…. it seems that earthmen / women were originally created ‘not to experience death’ …that is they were created to live ‘forever’… as they were made in the image of God…(that is, their creator who Himself is an eternal spirit) & Who is of a magnitude which is seemingly beyond…and actually is beyond the comprehension of humans, as He ‘God’ Himself, claims He is ‘unknowable’… now that doesn’t mean that there is not evidence all around us ( that reveals Him & shows His creative powers) here on earth & in the universe…for instance the sun is about 93 million miles from earth, at exactly the right distance…the sun being closer or farther away from the earth would mean death for us…. supposedly the sun could hold over 1million ‘Earths’… one thing that caught my attention as I began to become more aware about this world, was that I had a burning desire ( no pun intended) to know the ‘creative power’ behind ‘Someone’ so powerful as being able to create the sun…also it is estimated by scientists that a human ‘might’ travel at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second, for billions of years and not reach the end of the universe…. this is completely mind boggling… additionally, the atmosphere that surrounds the earth…that supplies the life-giving oxygen…. extends so far before turning into outer space…. there is a law called ‘gravity’ that holds everything in place…. once a human goes into outer space there is no more gravity… apparently until we draw closer to other planets ( and to survive humans have to have among other things, a supply of oxygen)… so until our science advances to make us able to live in outer space it seems we are earthbound creatures…. one of the main reasons that we are ‘earthbound’ is that our organic bodies have to have food from the earth…. that is not readily found once we go into outer space…. so back to a previous paragraph where I was talking about human beings being made ‘not to die’… and let’s continue with the story of Adam and Eve…. paraphrased… ‘The Story Goes Like This’…. God had created Adam and Eve and placed them in the ‘Garden of Eden’…. God told them that they could eat of all the fruit trees in the garden, but they were not to partake of a tree that was in the midst of the garden… and that if they partook of this tree that was called ‘The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good and Evil’… they would surely ‘die’…. turns out that this Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good and Evil was actually a fallen ‘Being’ [ read Revelation 12…the last book of the Bible] ( manifesting himself as a tree) a being that God had created… well he was a little bit more than that… God called him a being created after ‘The Perfect Pattern”…. he was a beautiful being ( an angel of light)… he was/is very powerful, and at the beginning actually guarded the Throne of God…. but as the story continues ‘Pride’ was found in him… and he wanted to be greater than God and actually made an attempt to overthrow Him… God would have none of it and kicked him out of heaven….

So we have to back up a little bit for an important clarification… God told Adam and Eve, if they ate of the Tree Of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, that they would surely die…. but what did he actually mean ‘die’?… because they went on living their normal physical lives and lived for a long time…. what God meant was that they would eventually die physically, and they were already dead spiritually… because they had broken his command in the Garden of Eden… which put them under the curse of Satan and death & out of fellowship with Him…. so with this introductory information… you have an idea of what my book or books, as it may turn out to be, is/are about… my reflections on living these 65 years of my life are found through expressions of poetry, political satire, biblical and religious studies, all addressing ‘The Human Condition’… also my photography… this book or books will be my lifes work… the book will be dedicated to everyone that has ever been a part of my life, (Rhonda N. & Linda C…. thank you for the brief but beautiful times together… sorry I was such a pain in the ass) and especially in these latter days to my wife Mizuho… my son Ari’el… and my estranged daughter, Lauren…. you can visit my blog at…….Sincerely, Frank Payton….Note: as of right now I can’t say when the book/ books would be released…. hopefully soon… it is quite a task..8.

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