These Times…

I am going to say whatever comes to my mind.

What is happening to us as a human race?… why would any one person or group of persons… or organization… or people in power in the Congress and Senate… or those in positions of power around the world , want to impose their beliefs, their belief systems, to try and control the masses?

Seemingly having no respect or regard for the Democratic Republic process, or the will of the American people….ie: having no respect for Donald Trump and his administration…. a complete rejection & going on 4 year persecution of him & his family, though he was duly elected…. and having been elected… was / is an expression of the will of the American people… which used to be respected and valued in this country…. and I know some are going to say that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and should be president…. however that is illegitimate, because the Electoral College is what we have had in place and have in place…it is the law… but we don’t seem to care about the law anymore, we (alot of us) care about lawlessness…. some people care about lawlessness to the extent of it being a way of achieving their own agendas and evil plans…. but until the laws that are ‘be’ changed, we have to abide by the rules… otherwise what good are the laws and rules?… let’s just move on to Sharia law and watch the whole United States swirl down the toilet quickly…ie: Minneapolis….Seattle….Chicago…( formerly known as the Windy City…. now known as the City Of Death)…. let’s not forget San Francisco…. and the safest city in the world…New York…. what a joke that is, & has turned out to be, thanks to certain Governors….

So what the Sam Hill is going on?… I would submit that we are coming to the end of an age…. notice I didn’t say that the world is going to end…. God is in control of when and if…it might ever end…. everything that I have studied points to a renewal… a makeover.. a regeneration.. or a completely new planet… in the future… however more important than the physical ragings of people on the planet, are the spiritual implications of what is happening and going to happen… I believe that we are at the door of the tribulation period… study Daniel’s 70th week…. mankind was destroyed in the past through the flood because of evil… God promised not to use the flood again, but there is a different judgement coming (world wars)..[ also look at 2nd Peter chapter 3 around verse 10 & on] Satan knows his time is short, that’s why we have all the trouble that we have right now, because Satan is literally ‘raising hell’… Satan and the plague /curse that he has brought upon humanity from the beginning…way back in the Garden of Eden… is pretty much running its course… and now has to be dealt with from God on high and His intervention…. so as you look around and go through the hell that we’re going through, realize that it is prophesied…. and I’m sorry to report that nothing is going to stop the New World Order… the appearance of the Antichrist… and all that that entails…. so gird up your loins and put on the whole armor of God, otherwise you and I do not have a chance…. I’m just a voice in the wilderness…. visit me at my blog……Sincerely, Frank Payton….. Final comment:…. study Matthew 24 and the ‘parable of the fig tree’… that is if you want knowledge and wisdom, and want to know what is really going on in the world, if you don’t….side wih & run with the ‘Talking Snake Media’ and ‘Sleep On Sweet Charlotte.’…. some people are just content with living a mundane simple life, and don’t really believe in much of anything… you do have the freedom of choice… we all need to make sure we have chosen wisely…

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