… Many people have said that they don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. I personally don’t have the faith required to be an atheist…. I would add that I think it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a believer…here is why…

Now I think it’s critical that we start with a supposition… that supposition being that a person has been led by the Holy Spirit in a revelation as to who Jesus Christ is… who God the Father is, and who the Holy Spirit is, or the tri-unity of the God-Head… this has to be mentioned and is critical because no human being can come to the knowledge of the revelation of Jesus Christ, without ‘that it’ be initiated by the power of the Holy Spirit ( there can be a ‘head knowledge’ “only” in some), see, Jesus comes into the ‘heart’.. the human mind in its natural state just cannot get there… cannot bridge the gap… God designed it that way… because God operates on a ‘faith system’…. ( in comparison, let’s look at the Doubting Thomas, I believe it was made easier for him to believe because he touched & beheld the nail-scarred hands of Jesus and ‘then’ believed)…. I believe Jesus said after this…”You Thomas have believed because you have seen… blessed are those who believe without seeing.”(paraphrased)…

So here is really why I can’t be an atheist, and this is part of the revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit ( upon salvation) & is actually a whole new mindset, a whole new attitude, a whole new belief system… a deliverance from the ‘spirit of death’ to the ‘spirit of life.’… and the renewal of my heart coming from a promised hope of eternal life with God…

I also can’t be an atheist because I feel my heart beating in my chest…. when I’m sleeping at night I can hear it in my ears sometimes… The heart is a Peculiar Mystery, the way God has set it in motion ( capable of both love and hate, and 1000 other emotions) and each heart has a certain number of beats and then it’s over…. further I can’t be an atheist because I have a brain… a brain that is quite different than other animal kingdom brains… and my brain does not operate by instinct, it operates by reason and logic which come from God.

So the heart and the Brain are (I guess) the two main features of The “Wonder Of The Human Body”… not to mention sight, sound, touch, taste… the loving union that can take place between a man and a woman, and the genius of the human reproductive system… the sexual desire that God placed in men and women to guarantee the race would multiply and continue to exist… sex between a man and a woman, in the context of which it was designed, is a most beautiful thing.

Then we’ll continue a little bit and say that I can’t be an atheist because of the wonder of creation… the vast expanse of what is called the universe, the beauty of our little solar system… the miracle of water itself…of mountains, oceans, clouds, rain, rivers, forests… the absolutely mysterious design and functioning of the Sun… and the Moon that is a reflecting disc for light at night on earth…. so many beautiful things to behold… so to conclude… the reason that some people believe and some people don’t is of a spiritual nature… whether people want to believe it or not, there was & is an ancient and ongoing struggle between Good and Evil that is shortly coming to a culmination… for the beginnings of this struggle you have to read the first two or three chapters of Genesis… so if you happen to find yourself as a human being, in a searching or decision-making mode about your life, God, & all the stuff coming at you) I hope this introduction has helped you… this has been the reality of my experience… I can tell you more about that experience…. please visit my blog at……………..Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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