The Rapture can be very complicated to understand… Surely God intended us to know ‘of it’, but to possibly be ‘by design’ kept a bit of a mystery, as humanity would not be allowed to know beyond doubt the exact details, maybe by divine design and for reasons only God knows…. notice I said ‘maybe

by design’…. there are good people on both sides, or the many sides of the Rapture Theory… the two main scriptures are 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18…& 2nd Thessalonians 2:2 and on…. if you begin with these two…. the Bible will refer you to other related scriptures… it can be quite a journey, here’s what I have learned…. and there might even be some truth in what I’ve learned….[smirk]…. I refuse to be dogmatic, as neither I nor any other human being has cornered the market on God’s wisdom…. if you study enough you will learn this principle, and be the healthier and better Christian for it… it’s all quite simple… ultimately we trust God & try to stay prepared…. to serve as best we can according to the gifts we’ve been given….sooooooo….

There seemed to be a mix-up ( after 1 Thess) and the reason that 2nd Thessalonians 2 was written by Paul was to clarify and distinguish between the Lords Second Coming (meaning the rapture) & The Lords Day… which was to come unexpectedly and it would be unexpected only by unbelievers….[ I think I have this right somebody verify it please]… I’m a bit weary but let’s proceed….

God will remove what is presently restraining lawlessness…Thess 2:7b…. The restrainer, probably refers to the church which is indwelt by the Holy Spirit…. lawlessness produces corruption, but the church is the ‘Salt of the earth.’…. lawlessness equates to darkness… but the church is the light of the world… as we all can see, lawlessness is currently working, and what restrains it, is Christian men and women and the church.

So I believe that scripture teaches the Holy Spirit will not leave the earth when the Rapture occurs, because the Holy Spirit is always omnipresent…. but His ministry of restraining lawlessness through Christians will cease… because people that the Holy Spirit presently indwells will be leaving the earth…. so that’s all I can handle right now, I hope this starts you on a fruitful path about the Rapture…. you are going to experience different ideas, and different opinions,and different interpretations of scripture… bottom line is seek the Holy Spirit… ask for discernment, and trust God…. this post is from my years of study, and right now too many points of reference that I would care to mention… please visit my blog……………Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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