World Gone Mad?

Former NYPD commissioner: The city is a mess, local leaders pay more attention to protests….

Actually friend it’s not the world that has gone mad, but the people…. most of them are led by the Communist & Jihadist movements….. add Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and we have a total disaster…. thing that’s really peculiar and sad is that a low percentage of the population is controlling the masses… and even more peculiar, are the amount of people in leadership, mayoralship,& Governorship positions that seem to be all in on the push to make America a Marxist Nation, or they’re bought off, or they just don’t give a damn…. pick the poison…any or all three of these poisons will eventually kill us…

Back to Black Lives Matter…. do ‘all’ black lives matter?… does the fact that more black babies are killed in the womb than are killed on the deadly streets of our cities matter?…. seems to me a whole lot of people are leaving California, leaving New York, leaving Chicago, moving to the urban and rural areas… and we all know why… do only politically correct black lives matter?… the ‘protesting destructive’ black lives… that only matter?…. what about the black people that believe in the American way, and actually support Donald Trump and the spirit of Capitalism… do their lives matter?… When black and white and all color of Republicans for that matter want something, or want to get something done, they try to put forth legislation and do it the right way… when the Democrats want something if they don’t get it( they don’t necessarily use legislation) & they start burning and pulling things down…. and blaming Donald Trump for everything…. so folks it’s not a world gone mad, it’s people gone mad…. and it’s totally amazing to me, that it’s a small percentage of people that are controlling most everything…. visit my blog……………..Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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