Tlaib & Pressley

Members of the squad to potentially introduce new bill claiming….” This is what Public Safety looks like.”…. that’s got to be the funniest damn joke I’ve ever heard…

Paraphrased… Senator Kennedy said that this is a serious attempt to compete in the WOKE Olympics

Ilhan Omar…. “Dismantle the whole capitalistic system… that is based on profit”…

So ladies, and I say that reservedly, this is what Public Safety looks like?: Defund the police…. Close all the prisons… Eliminate DEA and ICE… dismantle the American way as we know it?… if you people had your way the whole of United States would be a Barren nuclear wasteland within 6 months… if it lasted that long, we would be overrun by Russia or China or Russia,& China and North Korea… you idiots. Do you morons have the means to protect the United States?… you couldn’t protect a popcorn stand…

Do all this despite the statistics that show in some cities in the United States, over a 100% rise in crime since this whole nasty ordeal ( Death of George Floyd) started…. I am flabbergasted…

So my question to all God-fearing America loving Patriots… how in the heck do these women and others stay in power?…. I can’t believe that 50% of Americans would allow this BS to happen… if the United States is such a horrible racist place… why is hit that millions want to immigrate here?…. okay.. I’m too pissed off to continue…. visit my blog…………….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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