World Gone Mad? Part 2…

As per ‘World Gone Mad’ part 1…. I mentioned that it is not the ‘world’that has gone mad, but the people…. example Governor Northam of Virginia… recently said that mascot names of schools… are highly offensive, and disruptive, and troubling, to families, students and staff…. well Ralph Northam…how about kids being out of school for so long, that studies are showing it’s having a major negative impact on their health and well-being…how about that Govna’?… seems to me that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice even our children in order to bring down the economy, in efforts to defeat Donald Trump…

Let’s have a bit of a look at what the Democrats…the hard left…the extremists are doing to this country… or are willing to do to this country for their power grab… demanding to enforce the Democratic way which is Marxism in disguise…. well it’s hardly disguised anymore… so the Democrats are willing to let millions of people lose their jobs businesses and livelihoods… push to keep the schools closed this coming fall… putting the mental and physical health of children at a super high risk… and what is unknown is how much of this damage will be permanent… well the Democrats don’t seem to care.

Scott Gottlieb…” It’s going to be very hard to open the schools this fall.”….. Translation: if you’re not for keeping the school closed… the leftist administrators will punish you as parents… seems to me that the Democrats and the left media.. are hell-bent on destroying everything in America that stands in their path of defeating Donald Trump & gaining power.

And what is all the more troubling is that should the Democrats gain say the House, the Senate, and the Presidency… or even two of the three…. a civil War will take place that will make the first Civil War in this country look like a birthday party…gird up & stand…. or everything that we know as Americans is going to be ripped from us… time to get out of our comfort zones…. or we are not going to have any kind of zones to live in…. visit my blog……………..Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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