What We’re Up Against…

As things keep moving along in our troubled world… with all the political division and hatred among people; have any of you had an encounter with a person on the left and stared in the face of WHAT WE ON THE RIGHT ARE REALLY UP AGAINST?….

Let’s say you were in a relationship with a person… the nature of the relationship would only be mentioned as a professional to a patient/client… names and other information will not be mentioned as it is not necessary to tell the story and convey my message… also to be respectful to the mentioned person, who in certain respects I deem as very valuable/ & intelligent…. and is in a position to have a profound positive effect on a lot of people’s lives… this person helps a lot of people.

So on some recent given day a conversation takes place between the the two… and has entered the arena of politics… the subject of Universal Health Care comes up as a topic… and the professional person tells his thoughts and beliefs on the ‘Haves and Have Nots of our world’… and goes on in a roundabout way of informing me, that I’m fortunate to have good insurance… and comments that not everyone does… I kind of nodded my head in agreement, and I think I made a comment that I was sympathetic and empathetic to those that didn’t have insurance…

I didn’t pursue the politics and financial aspects of how Universal Health Care would be paid for…ie: the Democratic promise to raise taxes and other measures… but I did mention that my concern was… what is the government’s true intention or agenda behind the ‘front’ of Universal Health Care?… and is this part of a bigger more troubling agenda against capitalism?…so

Topic led onto topic and we proceeded with the business at hand, & our conversation continued…. through the nature of the business we were discussing, I informed this person that I was depressed at times about how the government is handling certain things, and found it sometimes hard to be motivated about life in general… and I added that it was not debilitating or life consuming… and I think I made the comment that if people didn’t feel that way they probably weren’t normal….

So I was asked about what I was concerned about….& I elaborated a little bit…. I went on to say “Take Ilhan Omar from Minneapolis Minnesota…I said, she has publicly announced that it’s time to ‘dismantle the American system and way of life’…(paraphrased)”… my conversant replied…” Do you think that anyone or everyone else in the Congress feels as she does?”….I said, ” Well not all of them, but there is a radical left faction to the Democratic Party.”… and I added that it extends into the Republican Party as well… I went on to say that she took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States… and that I felt she had broken her oath and was betraying the American people… then we quickly talked about the wearing of masks…. and I ventured into suggesting that the wearing of masks was a control feature for something bigger… I could tell he was in disagreement… because I further said if they can get you to wear a mask now maybe they can get you to where the whole Muslim headdress eventually…. he went on to say…” “Do you believe that really, WHO THINKS THAT WAY?”…. I commented that many people feel that way, and that is what is out there… and this is really just the tip of the iceberg… his disagreement was evident…. even through the mask.

So I want to ask you friends…. what do you think of this little story?… is it Much Ado About Nothing?…. or is it a perfect example between the division in our country, between belief systems, between what needs to take place in this country?…. visit my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog………….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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