To Be A Human….

What about this human existence?… what about this ‘being’ instead of ‘not being’…

What about the slow dawning…being born into awareness that you are alive?

What about those days… those moments, those thoughts, in elementary school, or at whatever stage of life it came to you, that you were living on a planet that is revolving and rotating through space?…. wouldn’t it have been cool if… during your 9 months in your mother’s womb… you could have been taught in some fashion and prepared for what you were heading into concerning this life?….maybe, maybe not…

What about the phase that you go through, when you realize that you don’t have a remembrance or any knowledge of making a decision to come to this earth, and live the particular life that you’re living…. and then further realizing that you don’t exactly know how long you are going to be here, and what you are supposed to do while here?… people seem to fall into two basic categories… the first think that there is an intelligent design to the world, and the universe, which means there is an intelligent designer… referred to by most humans as God…

The second category seem to fall into a belief that there was and is a cosmic Big Bang Theory…. the humans and the universe have been in a constant stretch of evolution arriving at who knows what… of course there are many other belief systems that are available.… most of these belief systems believe in a randomness view of creation & life… I guess you might say random cause and effect.. some are called Determinists…. there are many others which I will not go into..

Contemplation: It’s been my experience to understand that most human beings living life on this earth are afraid of dying… I’ve often wondered why exactly are we afraid?… we had no say about coming into this gift of life (IMHO).. and we have little say about going out, so why are we troubled?… I guess the fortunate ones arrive at the conclusion just to live out the days that they’ve been given… do the best they can…& examine evidence all around us in creation… to hopefully help us determine if there really is a God or not… and it’s sad to report, but we do have freedom of choice, & some people don’t care if there is or isn’t a God and that’s theirchoice… God didn’t make robots… yet I find it sad.

In fact…. the ‘freedom of choice’ is a ‘grand design’ on the part of God…. after you learn some things about the nature of God and who He is…and what He has done for His creation…. you begin to realize that God can only receive ‘Glory’ ‘from His created beings’, when we make a ‘choice’ for Him…. now there are many peculiar spiritual things that go on, that have been designed by God in the decision-making process of each human, as to their belief system, and the choice they end up making concerning life and death, God and the Devil…” Some are called few are chosen.” It’s kind of a mysterious scripture… Christian’s of knowledge and wisdom know & believe (per God’s Word) that no human being can be ‘saved’ and drawn to God the Father,unless the Holy Spirit does the work and ‘drawing’ in the particular life…

I think from here it might be best to talk about some additional things concerning this life of being a human being…. it seems ( and as I said there are many different belief systems)…it seems… [especially for those that believe we are made in the image of God]…(this partly meaning that we have an eternal spirit inside of us.. because we are made in God’s image, & because He is an eternal spirit) that this physical life and existence on planet earth is not all that there is to being a human… we have another issue to look at… and it’s called eternity, the eternal place that each soul will go to according to God’s word… if you choose to believe in another belief system, then don’t worry about it… if you are correct you won’t have to worry about anything… but if you aren’t correct…well you know the deal…all for now…. I will see if inspiration comes to continue this message….. visit my blog…………….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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